xUmp Suggests 100 Creative Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Egghead

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With new gadgets coming out constantly, it can be overwhelming to find a gift for your favorite egghead that’s both creative and economical. Xump.com, a Signal Hill company specializing in scientific supplies and toys, has made a list of 100 gift ideas that are perfect for the price-savvy consumer needing to find a creative educational toy or gadget. Each is listed by price, making it easy for shoppers to match gifts to their budgets.

“We wanted to feature a 100 gifts list this year for those needing to come up with a creative toy,” commented Ana Sanchez, Operations Manager of xUmp.com.  “Sometimes people get stumped when trying to buy a unique gift for those who enjoy science or interesting puzzles or gadgets. Our list is great in that it features a ton of creative ideas for gifts, but it also is listed by price, helping shoppers choose an option much more quickly.” 

The scientists at xUmp.com particularly like these creative gifts for the holiday shopping season:

1. Magnetic Floating Pen by Alltronics. Is your geeky loved one always losing their pen at the office? This floating pen is perfect for them!

2. Mini Desk Volcano by Fascinations. This is an awesome interactive volcanic sculpture for any home, office or dorm room.

3. Fun Fly Stick by Unitech Toys. Levitating objects using only a wand?  Oh yeah, any egghead will love this!

4. Perplexus by Plasmart. This puzzle will give some new mental exercise to anyone needing a boost.

5. Pocket Rainbow Plasma by Can You Imagine. This pocket plasma toy responds to touch, voice and music!

The rest of the top 100 gifts list can be seen at: http://www.xump.com/top100gifts.

xUmp.com is one of the largest on-line retailers specializing in science supplies and toys, shipping to over 250,000 customers in over 100 countries worldwide each year. Everything from magnets, microscopes, telescopes, science kits, gadgets, desk toys and more.



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