Over 100 Religious Leaders to Attend 2014 Religious Leaders Peace Conference in Long Beach

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North Long Beach Community Assembly

Over 100 religious leaders across North America and university students will gather on April 14,2014 at the Grand Event Center in Long Beach for the 2014 Religious Leaders Peace Conference, hosted by Heavenly Culture, World Peace (HWPL)’s Chairman Manh Lee.

The full-day conference will feature a guest panel of influential religious leaders including Dr. Uma Mysorekar, President of the Hindu Temple Society of North America, Matthew Ball, Regional Public Affairs Director for the Church of Ladder-Day Saints and Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Masood Al-Nadvi, Vice President of the Canadian Council of Imams. Joining them will be participants of different faiths including Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism, Baha’i, Mormonism, and more.

Audience members from Europe, Africa and Latin America will also be joining live-stream to ask discussion panel questions via Skype. The conference program includes cultural and religious performances, a time of united prayer for all faiths and the highlight of the program: the signing of the Peace Treaty. The Peace Treaty serves as a pledge to cease criticism and scrutiny amongst religious groups and establish a relationship to dialogue and work together.

“No matter what belief system, there is a universal hope for a peaceful world,” said Andrew Burnett, event coordinator. “That’s why we want to give youth an opportunity to connect with diverse religious leaders, so we can work together for a future generation of non-violence and understanding. Chairman Lee has the materials to make peace possible and it is igniting a new hope and sense of responsibility in the youth.”

Lee, 83, has travelled to 58 countries to advocate his message of peace, concluding his ninth world tour with the HWPL conference and ‘Peace Treaty’ signing this April. A Korean War veteran, Lee has gained momentous support from presidents, religious leaders, and youth organizations around the world for his peace talk discussions, including Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

Last January, HWPL organized an interfaith student peace march in Mindanao, a region in the Philippines suffering violent religious conflict for 40 years. Through the unity of the youth, high officials of Catholicism and Islam were moved to sign a landmark peace treaty that received international media attention.

The 2014 Religious Leaders Conference is a precursor to HWPL’s World Alliance for Religions for Peace Summit to gather religious leaders around the world taking place Fall of this year.

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