1200 Transfer Students Leave LBCC this Year for 4-Year Institutions

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Holly Beck Kimble

Long Beach City College’s leadership, faculty and staff take great pride in the more than 1,200 estimated students transferring to four-year colleges and universities this academic year. LBCC hosted a reception this week to recognize their achievements.

One of these outstanding transfer students is Holly Beck Kimble, the creator of “Yoga of Birth,” a comprehensive childbirth education program that includes prenatal education for couples, birthing technique workshops and prenatal yoga classes. Kimble is transferring to UC Berkeley to fulfill her vocational passion of helping women give birth to their babies “fearlessly” through yogic practices. As a single mother, yoga instructor and a birth doula, Kimble will major in English to fulfill her next dream: that of publishing her first book on childbirth education, birthing techniques and internal yogic practices to help “prepare a woman’s body and her heart” for the “transformative aspects of childbirth.”

“The techniques I share with my clients are vital to their birth experience,” said Kimble. “Earning an English degree from UC Berkeley will allow me to develop the skills necessary to reach a broader audience of women and parents within the childbirth community. Further study in literary arts will give me the structure needed to articulate my progressive birthing philosophy, and gain the authority to be credible in the field of women’s reproductive issues.”

Kimble is one of the many creative and passionate LBCC students who will be recognized today for completing their goals at LBCC and successfully transferring to the University of California system. Other students to be recognized will include transfer students to the Cal State University system and to private colleges and universities.

The keynote speaker, Janet Steward, is an LBCC Transfer Alumna with degrees and certificates in Liberal Arts and Child Development.

“I am a first generation college graduate and the first in my family to pursue a graduate degree,” said Steward. “I am proud to be a Viking Transfer Alumna who is currently pursuing a Masters in Social Work at the University of Southern California (USC), so that I could one day open my own private practice to better serve the underrepresented in urban communities.”

LBCC Career and Academic Counselor Javier Villasenor spoke at the reception. Like Steward, Villasenor is an LBCC Transfer Alumni with a degree in Liberal Arts who also transferred to USC where he received a degree in Public Administration: Public Policy and Management. He then received his Masters of Arts in Counseling & Guidance from Point Loma Nazarene University, and is currently an active member of the LBCC Latino Faculty Association and the USC Latino Alumni Association.

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