12-Year-Old Long Beach Student Publishes Book to Benefit Children Who Struggle Learning to Read

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Long Beach student, KARLEY CABLE has written and published her first book: “RAISIN, -A DOGGIE’S TALE, The Story Of How I Went From Dumb-Dog to Tail-Waggin’ Tutor” is based on Karley’s real-life experience rescuing her Pug dog, “Raisin” and training him to be a therapy dog that works with children who are struggling learning to read. The 52-page picture book is told from Raisin’s point-of-view and is geared towards the elementary school-aged reader.

The heartwarming story will appeal to children and adults alike. The story inspires children to persevere and to be responsible pet owners.

All the photographs in the book were also shot by Karley, who is an 8th grader Rogers Middle School.

The book is currently available on AMAZON.COM or at GATSBY BOOKS in Long Beach for $12.99 A portion of the proceeds are being donated to local shelters and Justin Rudd’s community organizations.

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