Long Beach Branch NAACP, and Keesal, Young & Logan Law Firm to Host 14th Annual Law Day Project

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Naomi Rainey, President of the Long Beach Branch NAACP, and Keesal, Young & Logan Law Firm are proud to announce the 14th Annual Law Day Project and the theme is “American Democracy and the Rule of Law: Why Every Vote Matters” This invitational Law Day Program will be held at the law office of Keesal, Young  & Logan on Wednesday April 30, 2014. Student participants are from the Long Beach Unified School District, private schools, and other organizations in the Long Beach community.

The program has five components: Law Day study guide for students, other legal career and law material; mentoring and meet a lawyer; courthouse and law school visitations. The closing ceremony includes a keynote speaker, lawyer panel discussion, and student round-table with the lawyers and legal professional participants.

The purpose of the Long Beach Branch Law Day program is to introduce local 8th, 9th, and 10th grade students of color to law as a career. Local university, community college, NAACP youth and college members, and home school students are invited.

The program is a partnership with the Long Beach Bar Association, Los Angeles County Bar Association, and Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Los Angeles County. Over twenty-five lawyers and judges serve as program participants each year.

Law Day was created in the late 1950’s, by the American Bar Association to draw attention to both the principles and practice of law and justice. The 2014 Law Day theme is American Democracy and the Rule of Law: Why Every Vote Matters, calls on every American to reflect on the importance of a citizen’s right to vote and the challenges we still face in ensuring that all Americans have the opportunity to participate in our democracy.

Lawyers influence our economic, political, and social systems for the betterment of all. When one feels that his or her rights have been ignored, one consults a lawyer. When laws are written, attorneys are consulted to ensure that they are fair and precise. When someone is hurt by a person, company or faulty product, a lawyer will go to court to protect the rights of that individual. To become an attorney is to become a social engineer. Being a lawyer is a great and noble profession.

Since its founding, in 1909, the NAACP has forged dramatic social and political changes in the lives of countless Americans.

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