Groundbreaking Ceremony For Fitness Zone at 14th Street Park, March 27

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Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster, Vice Mayor Robert Garcia, the Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine and the Department of Public Works invite the public to a groundbreaking ceremony for a new Fitness Zone at 14th Street Park, between Locust Avenue and Palmer Court, on Thursday, March 27 at 2 pm.

“This new Fitness Zone will provide the Long Beach community with a free, convenient way to get a great workout at their local park,” Mayor Foster said.

“Very soon, the community will have another opportunity to live a healthier, active lifestyle,” said Vice Mayor Robert Garcia, who represents the First Council District. “I’m also glad the Fitness Zone has ADA Accessible equipment as well.”

The Fitness Zone will incorporate:

  • Leg press machine with four seats
  • Lower body exercise machine
  • Stand up pendulum for abdominal exercise that accommodates four people at a time
  • Cross country ski machine that accommodates two people at a time
  • Vertical press for legs and arms (ADA Accessible)
  • Pull down lift for lats (back muscles) (ADA Accessible)
  • Chest press (ADA Accessible)
  • Press and pull for upper body exercise

The Fitness Zone will have a colored paved path for circuit training. The work will also include some drain repair, and water-wise plant landscaping at the entry on Locust Avenue.

The 14th Street Fitness Zone is expected to be completed in May 2014. The estimated cost is $117,500, with funding from one-time infrastructure dollars.

For more information on the 14th Street Park Fitness Zone Groundbreaking, please call 562.570.3150.

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