LBFD Gathers for 2011 Annual Firefighter Picnic

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Earlier this month, the Long Beach Firefighter’s Memorial Association hosted the annual Firefighter Picnic at Gemrig Park.  This picnic has been a long-standing tradition dating back to the 1960’s.  The picnic has been well attended over the years by many of our Department members of all generations.  Great food, fun games, and giant bounce houses are some of the many reasons for the great turnouts. 

The Memorial Association is comprised of Long Beach Fire Department members that volunteer their time to stage events like this and the annual fireworks show.  The founding members started the organization long ago to promote a few social gatherings throughout the year with the intent of building camaraderie and family togetherness within the Department.


One Response to “LBFD Gathers for 2011 Annual Firefighter Picnic”
  1. Dawn Weller says:

    So many great memories as a kid going to the picnics in the late 60’s and 70’s. All the games. The candy tosses. The food was always great. I really miss those days. Growing up as a Fire Dept kid is something I will always treasure. Christmas Mornings at the Station. There is nothing like riding your Hippity Hop or Crazy Wheel around and around the engine in the garage. Thanksgiving dinner with the crew running out just as we all sat down to eat. 9’s has some great memories. 19’s is where I would go in High School to fix up my softball injuries that Mom couldn’t bare to deal with. Grand Prix passes that go me (almost) everywhere in the 80’s. I miss it all and I especally miss my Dad. RIP Cap.