30-Minute Beach Clean-up Turns 10

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beach-clean-upThe 30-Minute Beach Cleanup in Long Beach is celebrating its 10th Anniversary of the monthly cleanup on Sat., May 16 at 1 Granada Ave. Over the last 120 consecutive months of this grassroots effort, thousands of bags of trash have been collected and thousands of volunteers of all ages have helped to keep our beaches clean and safe by volunteering just 30 minutes on the third Saturday of each month, rain or shine. Approx. 200 volunteers, on average, show up each month.

Door prizes will include $10 bills to celebrate the cleanup’s 10 years, as well as tickets to the Aquarium of the Pacific. Refreshments will include anniversary cake, and drinks and snacks are being offered from Duthie Power Services and O.N.E. (One Natural Experience). Third District Councilman Gary DeLong and Phil Hester, director of Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine will help cut the anniversary cake and will make remarks. A few awards will also be given to outstanding businesses and individuals who have been integral to the success of the cleanups.

Justin Rudd, founder/organizer of the “30-Minute Beach Cleanup” emphasizes that the program is essential to improving the aquatic environment as debris threatens wildlife and the overall ecosystem. Long beach is especially affected by debris from run-off as the Los Angeles and San Gabriel rivers empty on either side of Long Beach. Garbage washes downstream and collects inside the breakwater. Eventually, the trash returns to shore. Although the City of Long Beach removes much of the trash with large tractors, there remains the ongoing need for citizens to help in hand-picked cleanup efforts.

Soon after Rudd moved to Long Beach from his home state of Alabama, he began noticing the sad state of the city’s beaches and wanted to do something about it. A personal trainer who offered workouts and runs daily on the beach, Rudd one day asked his friends to help him clean up. Wanting to make it easy for people to attend, Rudd decided to keep the cleanups short — only a half an hour. He asked his friends to bring people they knew and put up fliers around town. He now sends monthly reminders to more than 20,000 of his e-newsletter subscribers and posts messages to his 5,000+ Facebook friends. He provides bags, gloves, door prizes, refreshments, free parking and volunteer credit forms.

Get more info online at www.BeachCleanup.org. Volunteers may contact Rudd at Justin@JustinRudd.com or 562/439-3316. Reservations are not necessary.

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