30 Professionals Visit St. Anthony as Mentors For a Day

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mentor for a day at st. anthony high school

Libby G. Garcia (left) mentors Jamie Gallegos about teaching.  Jamie was just accepted into Vanderbilt University.

Seventy President’s Ambassadors were matched with 30 alumni and community professionals who offered their support as “Mentors-For-A-Day” at St. Anthony High School. The annual mentoring experience is an exciting time for students who participate in St. Anthony’s elite leadership development program, and the individual mentors are an integral part of that experience.

The students look forward to this opportunity each year which is coordinated with St. Anthony’s Campus Career Day. Mentor-For-A-Day provides an opportunity for these students to connect personally with professionals in the community and discuss their dreams and goals as they plan for the future. 

The 70 students who are part of SA’s President’s Ambassador Program were surveyed to better understand their preferences for study after high school and careers in life. Although it is sometimes a daunting task, each year the students are matched with a mentor who is in their career of choice. The President’s Ambassadors come prepared to discuss their top three college choices, their top three major areas for future study, and three careers that interest them.

This year the scope of mentors was broad and each student’s interest was accommodated with such specialties as Marine Biology, Medicine, Engineering, Marketing, Police Department, Neuro-Psychology, Education, Military, Computer Science, Interior Design, Social Worker, Finance, Film Industry, Forensics, Astro-Physics, and Business Management.

The students spent time with their mentor in a quiet spot on campus, many of them enjoying the fresh air as they had the opportunity to get to know each other through conversation. Several students were heard to say, “This has been an amazing day.” As for the mentors, Edith Loero, Civil Engineer, said, “This was my first experience with St. Anthony’s and I look forward to being a mentor again next year.” The end of Mentor-for-a-Day was spent in the school library where the students had an opportunity to talk about their experiences with their mentors. This period proved to be the most rewarding of the day; hearing the students praise their mentors and express their excitement for their futures; the mentors adding their encouraging words of wisdom.

For more information about St. Anthony High School, visit their website: www.longbeachsaints.org.

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