33 Degrees: The Latitude for Good Food

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I often venture down to Shoreline Village and wonder why there isn’t just a simple burger joint with cold beer, gourmet hot dogs, and Fish & Chips served in paper? The village is filled with either fancy steak houses or your typical chain fare, and not one flip flop friendly, boat drink serving, Jimmy Buffet-esque establishment where you can roll up on your Catalina, tie off, and enjoy a can of Tecate and some fresh Mahi Mahi tacos while sitting in the sun. Someday, perhaps? While down in the village the last time, for a pub-crawl type party, I stumbled on the newest restaurant in a sea of chain franchises and stale, bourgeois establishments.

In the midst of all this noise, sits 33 degrees Harborside Pub. 33 Degrees has just recently opened, and the crowd was light. I wasn’t able to discern whether this is because 33 degrees is so new? We sat outside at a high top table, and one of the owners greeted us. Turns out he knew a girl I was with! I was delighted when he chose to explain the menu and drink menu to us and it is obvious that not only has he put a lot of heart into the place, but they really have thought out the menus and the food they serve. This isn’t your generic pub grub.

We all know that new restaurants are really a roll of the dice, especially those of us who have been involved in the service/food industry for as many decades as I have.  33 Degrees was named after the north latitude that Long Beach sits on (as well as Phoenix, AZ; Atlanta, GA, and Baghdad, Iraq) while in the south latitude, Chile and South Africa sit here. The menu starts to make perfect sense after that, when you see there is a diverse amount of spices and flavors from all of these “ports in the storm”.  The entire restaurant’s menu reflects a pirate like boating correlation that your average land lubber would not recognize unless told!

We ordered the Blue Corn Nachos which had a queso fundido sauce on them that made them distinctly different from your average nacho platter. I had the Ale Braised Short Rib which was tender, and very hearty (this would be so good during the cold winter!), while my party also ordered that Linguine Fra Diablo which had quite the kick of heat to it, the Peri Peri Chicken which is rubbed with a house seasoning and excellent.  The sides were good, but I have heard the fries are great and never had room to try them! For dessert we had the Sorbet Trio, the Lava Cake and the Pina Colada Cake. All the desserts were good and in particular, the Pina Colada cake was delicious.

There were a lot of hand selected and unusual beers on tap too, but being that I am pregnant, the beer tasting isn’t going to be happening any time soon. With that being said, you have NO idea what the beers are until you read the beer menu, because the taps don’t have names. The beer menu itself was very detailed and nuanced, and again you can tell that the owners have put a ton of thought into putting it together and hope that their patrons will learn and taste in a thoughtful manner. While this could be fun for someone that wants to discover new beer or really relishes in learning about what they are drinking, for your average pub crawler, this could end up being a buzz kill in the making.  Most notably, if they are 86 any beers on the cumbersome menu.

The food was certainly worth the trip over to Shoreline Village, and it really is fun to see a new restaurant finding and hitting their stride. I would recommend taking a trip off the beaten path and giving 33 degrees a shot! Ahoy Matey!

One word of warning: 33 degrees Harborside Pub does allow smoking on their patio nearest the water. (Hopefully they will extinguish this allowance and banish the smokers to the parking lot patio eventually!)

33 degrees Harborside Pub is located in Shoreline Village at 423A Shoreline Village Drive, Long Beach, CA. (562) 437- 3734 or visit the 33 Degrees Harborside Pub website for more information. Happy Hour: M-F 4-7

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2 Responses to “33 Degrees: The Latitude for Good Food”
  1. I imagine the reason there are not more such places in Shoreline Village is because it was originally intended to cater to a boating clientele with “large disposable income” who did not live in Long Beach but used their boats here.

    It was once filled with fascinating, unique businesses, but very few people who live here could afford to shop there. For that reason many of the businesses their closed. The Yardhouse is fairly casual, though.

  2. Chandra Clewley says:

    I wanted to add that all of the restaurants in Shoreline Village allow smoking on the water side, so 33 Degrees is not alone in doing so. It is a shame that Shoreline Village doesn’t provide a specific smoking area to their smoking patrons.