2012 Crime Stats Reveal 40-Year Low For Violent Crime in Long Beach

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fatal hit and runLong Beach achieved a 40-year low for violent crime, according to the final 2012 crime statistics released by the Long Beach Police Department today.  The overall total of city-wide violent crimes decreased by 5.3 percent last year.  The violent crime rate in Long Beach is the lowest it has been since 1972.

“I’m very proud of the Long Beach Police Department and our entire public safety continuum for achieving yet another reduction in violent crime, especially in an era of fewer financial resources,” said Mayor Bob Foster.

Murders in 2012 was the only violent crime category to increase, but was 14.3 percent below the five-year average.  In 2011 the City saw the lowest number of murders in recorded history at 26*.  Of the 30 murders in 2012, 14 were investigated as gang related.

In the property crime category, Long Beach experienced an increase of 10 percent, most notably due to residential and garage burglaries, and vehicle thefts. Residential burglaries were up 19%, while garage burglaries increased by 46.2 percent. Auto theft incidents increased by 19.1%, with 421 more incidents being reported in 2012 than in 2011.

“We are clearly seeing the effects of Realignment as it relates to property crime, as State policy has put thousands of additional criminals out on the street, resulting in increased property crime in communities throughout California,” Mayor Foster said.

Many of these types of crime are preventable with the help of the community.

“Last year we as a department focused on violent crime, and our 40-year low is something for the city to really be proud of,” said Police Chief Jim McDonnell.  “As to property crime, we really need the community to step up and eliminate simple opportunities for property to be stolen.  The department will always do what it can with the resources we are given, but we’re always better when we have the focus and support of the community.”

The Long Beach Police Department continues to encourage residents to be vigilant about securing their property, and to follow simple crime prevention tips (provided below).  We will continue to rely on community collaboration, technology, and regional partnerships to maximize the level of service we provide.

The L.B.P.D. will continue to embrace technology and social media as a conduit to improving communication with the community, and as a tool that can improve the effectiveness of the department’s crime fighting efforts.  The most recent technological advancement for the City was the implementation of LBCOP (Long Beach Common Operating Picture).  Other technology that we look forward to introducing later this year is a mobile application that will streamline the community’s access to the police department’s social networking tools.

The L.B.P.D. will continue to partner with law enforcement agencies at the local, county, state and federal levels on several operations to leverage available resources to impact crime in our city. Most notable was “Operation Summer Heat,” a four-day multi-agency enforcement operation in June 2012 that resulted in 280 arrests for shootings, gang crimes, and narcotics offenses as well as sex offender and probation compliance checks.

Violent Crime

Crime Type 2012 AVG 2007-11 % Change
Murder 30 35 -14.3%
Rape 115 127 -9.4%
Robbery 1,238 1,378 -10.2%
Aggravated Assault 1,323 1,525 -13.3%
TOTAL 2,706 3,065 -11.7%

Property Crime

Crime Type 2012 AVG 2007-11 % Change
Residential Burglary 2,375 1,874 26.7%
Garage Burglary 506 291 73.8%
Commercial Burglary 917 896 2.3%
Auto Burglary 2,446 2,564 -4.6%
Grand Theft 1,378 1,158 19.0%
Petty Theft – $50+ 939 946 -0.7%
Petty Theft – $50- 2,110 1,837 14.9%
Bike Theft 828 549 50.7%
Grand Theft Auto 2,622 2,500 4.9%
Arson 106 103 2.5%
TOTAL 14,227 12,719 11.9%

Total Part I

Crime Type 2012 AVG 2007-12 % Change
Violent Crime 2,706 3,065 -11.7%
Property Crime 14,227 12,719 11.9%
TOTAL 16,933 15,785 7.3%
* The table above is an abridged version of the LBPD data. For the 2007-2012 crime statistics released with this announcement click here.


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