5 Ways to Tell Your Guy He’s Awesome Every Month

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5 Ways to Tell Your Guy He’s Awesome Every Month

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Love is a tango that takes two, and while Valentine’s Day commercials might be focused on helping guys buy the perfect gift, we ladies need help too! After all, ginding gifts for guys can be rough — and it doesn’t matter whether he’s your sweetheart, a new crush, or even the love of your life. Knowing what’s really going on in his head and finding a gift to match requires more than women’s intuition.  If he loves you (and we’ll assume that he does), then chances are he will appreciate any gift you give him. In fact, on Valentine’s Day he’s probably more worried whether or not you’re going to like your gift.

One way to really wow your guy is with a gift of the month club. “Of the Month Clubs” have become popular because you can customize the gift to the recipient — anything from quirky to classy — and they’re a recurring gift so you can remind him you care over and over. Here are five awesome gift clubs for guys that will make him happy, and keep him thinking about you and the great time you spend together. 

Is the key to your guy’s heart through his stomach? If there is one thing you can count on with a monthly food gift, it’s that it is going to be consumed and he’s going to want more. That’s why this makes a perfect present for guys. Two top choices — which are also quite manly — are hot sauce of the month clubs and bacon of the month clubs.

If you’re relying on his appetite to find the perfect gift, another good idea are snack of the month clubs. Salty or sweet, if snacks never last long when he’s around then you can’t go wrong with a gourmet treat that arrives by mail. Popular options include month subscriptions for popcorn, potato chips or cookies. Or sign up for a more diverse selection with a variety club that rotates among the best snacks available.

Do you find yourself hoping that his “lucky shirt” won’t be lucky enough to make it through the washing machine? The T-Shirt of the Month Club is another interesting option. Supplement his “holy” collection with a top-notch selection from indie artists and soon-to-be classics. He won’t have to be a hipster to appreciate the vintage-inspired looks and modern art pieces. Both threadless and BustedTees have subscriptions that are worth checking out if you want to give him a steady supply of pre-shrunk, cotton love.

Just about all guys like beer — including yours. With a beer of the month you’re not just saying “I love you,” you’re saying “I love you enough to pay attention to what you love.” These clubs are a great way to explore craft breweries foreign or domestic. Guys that enjoy the adventure of new flavors will definitely enjoy the surprise of a monthly beer delivery.

Want a gift that’s a bit more posh for your Mad Men-style sweetheart. A Scotch of the month club is a neat (pun intended) way to bring sexy back to cocktail hour. It’s not for all the guys, but if he’s a Scotch drinker or a man who appreciates a good drink, he will enjoy the thinking of you as he savors the smoky flavors of a strong single-malt.

When you love someone, buying a gift can be both exciting and stressful. Shop once and say “I love you” every month. Who knows, he might end up thinking this is the best Valentine’s Day ever. Find these and other great gift of the month clubs at http://www.bestofthemonthclubs.com.

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