5000 Pies Celebration 2 Years in the Making

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5000 Pies is a social enterprise of Fountain of Life Covenant Church located in West Long Beach located at 2064 Santa Fe Ave. This faith based social-minded business opened its doors in September 2014 with a mission to transform the lives of young adults in West Long Beach through employment, culinary training and mentorship.

5000 Pies seeks to be a consistent and safe presence in the neighborhood in West Long Beach, just blocks away from where Fountain of Life church gathers each Sunday. In it’s almost two years in operation, 5000 Pies has employed 29 people and helped them get through a job gap, provided a first stable employment experience and offered a safe, loving community in West Long Beach.

The menu is diverse and affordable, one can find a fresh garden salad with grilled chicken, a deep dish Chicago inspired pizza pie or a slice of sweet maple dark chocolate pecan pie. One of their best-selling products is a tribute to the Cabrillo High School Jaguars! Jaguar Fries are custom seasoned fries under juicy chicken chunks soaked in a home-made buffalo sauce that will have you craving for more.

For more information about the 5000th Pie celebration please email 5000Pies@gmail.com or call 562-901-0615 for more information.


One Response to “5000 Pies Celebration 2 Years in the Making”
  1. Suzann Rowe says:

    Congratulations on your success! We live at West Canton and Santa Fe Avenues but I don’t think I have seen your business. We would like to come to 5000 Pies to enjoy some of your menu selections. What are your business hours? Thanks for a response and good luck on your business…we, the Westside, needs more places that we can enjoy.