Those Sketchy People Bring Digested Disney to the Long Beach Playhouse as

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Those Sketchy People present DIGESTED DISNEY, taking place in the Studio Theater at the Long Beach Playhouse on Jan 15, 16, 17, 22, and 23 featuring Sean Engard and John Schwendinger and directed by Samantha Wellen.

Those Sketchy People is proud to bring Digested Disney to the Long Beach Playhouse as part of the Collaborative in the Studio. Digested Disney is the unnauthorized abbreviation of all the Disney animated features performed onstage.

Sean and John perform a high-speed, audience interactive, improvisational, sketch parody of all the Disney animated films in 90 minutes. The show  contains sudden drops of references and lots of twists and turns of phrase and is not recommended for those terrified of happiness.

Tickets can be purchased on the Long Beach Playhouse website or through Digested Disney. Only $10 per ticket, recommended for audiences age 8 and above.


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