Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal Endorses Jeannine Pearce for 2nd District Council Seat

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I’ve been honored to serve the 2nd District these past 10 years. Some of my proudest moments have been working along side all stakeholders to deliver a better quality of life to residents throughout the district.  

My priorities have been:

Creating cleaner, safer neighborhoods for families – by passing more environmentally friendly city policies;

Helping to revitalize Downtown and spur small business development;

And investing in our neighborhoods and services that make Long Beach a great place to live.

Over the last decade, Long Beach has transformed and I am so very proud of the things we have accomplished. This includes:

Drastically lowering our City’s crime rates and providing safer neighborhoods and thriving business corridors;

Creating a vibrant downtown with new restaurants, breweries, and a thriving small business climate;

And revitalizing areas like Retro Row, downtown and Bixby Park and bringing prosperity and a vision into up and coming neighborhoods.

Long Beach has come a long way over the last decade, but there is still much to be done.

That’s why I’m so proud to endorse Jeannine Pearce for City Council.

Jeannine is extremely qualified to be the next 2nd District councilmember, consistently demonstrating her commitment to all stakeholders, especially the residents who live in our unique patchwork of neighborhoods. I’ve known Jeannine since she moved to Rose Park in 2008. She has dedicated her time to improving the quality of life of her neighbors and worked to form community coalitions that help to enhance the livability of Long Beach. We’ve worked together to protect neighborhoods from overdevelopment, while ensuring responsible development in hub areas like our vibrant downtown.  Jeannine and her daughter Jubilee were also very active in the Bixby Park revitalization process.  And while we do not always agree on everything, we have worked on many issues together, standing side by side.

I took this council-seat endorsement very seriously, studying the three candidates running to replace me as I termed out. There was only one that had the experience, leadership skills, neighborhood policy knowledge, and ability to create community coalitions that I know are essential to successfully sit in this council seat- that person is Jeannine Pearce.

I am proud to endorse Jeannine for City Council because I know she will continue the work I’ve started and fight to improve the quality of life of all residents in District 2 and the City of Long Beach.

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