Long Beach City Prosecutor’s Office Names 2016 IMPACT Awards Winners

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The Long Beach City Prosecutor’s Office is proud to announce the winners of this year’s IMPACT Awards, presented to individuals and groups who, working with the City Prosecutor’s Office, have made “a positive, significant impact in the City of Long Beach in the past year.” This is the 5th consecutive year of the City Prosecutor IMPACT Awards.

“We look forward each year to shining a spot light on the successful partnerships with our office,” said City Prosecutor Doug Haubert. “There are so many men and women who work hard to make our city safer and we are thrilled to recognize them.”

The recipients chosen to receive City Prosecutor IMPACT awards this year include:

1) Long Beach Police Department’s Quality of Life Police Officers Christopher Roth and Brad Futak, as well as East Division Patrol Officer Johnny Dodson, III, for their efforts to assist homeless persons transition from life on the streets.

2) Dr. Erin Simon, Director of Student Services, Long Beach Unified School District, for her successful effort to reduce chronic truancy and assisting students considered at-risk for gang involvement.

3) Long Beach Community Foundation, and its Executive Director Marcelle Epley, for the creation of a crime prevention fund to support victims of crime and reduce violence in Long Beach.

4) Laserfiche, a Long Beach-based technology company, and its CEO Chris Wacker, for development of software used by police and prosecutors to enforce court orders and reduce crime throughout Long Beach.

5) Karen Wyatt, of Helpline Youth Counseling, and Claudia Lopez, of Long Beach Trauma Recovery Center at St. Mary’s Medical Center, for their caring and supportive work with victims of human trafficking as part of the City Prosecutor’s Directed Services Program.

6) Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff Latosha Walker, as well as Deputy Attorneys General Maggy Krell and Jessica Owen, for their collaboration with the City Prosecutor’s Office, resulting in the prosecution of a gang-related hate crime involving human trafficking.

IMPACT awards will be presented at a reception on February 4, 2016. Awardees are chosen by prosecutors and staff in the City Prosecutor’s Office based on efforts made by persons during the preceding year. Any person wishing more information about IMPACT Awards may contact Sherri Seldon, Chief of Staff for the City Prosecutor’s Office, at (562) 570-5621.

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