Food Party in a Box: New Program From Long Beach Fresh Brings Food-related Workshops to Long Beach Community

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Long Beach Fresh announces “Food Party in a Box,” its new program bringing free cooking demos and food-related workshops to the Long Beach community.

“Long Beach’s culinary experts and food growers have incredible knowledge at their fingertips,” said Ryan Smolar, co-coordinator of LB Fresh. “So it made sense to matchmake food experts with our community, one meeting at a time, in face-to-face fun and easy conversations through this new initiative.”

The goal behind “Food Party in a Box” is to educate the public about healthy local food: how to buy it affordably, how to prepare it, or how to build a business with it. Workshops, demos and lectures are provided by Long Beach’s many passionate food advocates and entrepreneurs, including nutritionists, chefs, farmers, distributors and artisanal food companies.

“We’re wanting to speak to traditionally underserved members of our community. We especially encourage senior centers, youth groups, cultural centers and service groups to sign up,” said Tony Damico, co-coordinator of Long Beach Fresh. Community groups should go to to request a free guest speaker. Have a few dates and times in mind for a meeting, topics you are interested in, and some information about your meeting space, like your proximity to a kitchen or sink.

LB Fresh seeks food experts to speak in the “Food Party in a Box” program. Gardeners, chefs, caterers, farmers, food distributors, food entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and other food advocates should sign up at “This is a great opportunity to connect with potential volunteers and nurture champions for fresh food, all while improving our community’s connection to fresh food,” said Smolar.

“The simple act of convening is extremely important, it has powerful results,” said Smolar. “We’re multiplying our community network of informed and empowered residents, and we’re introducing our food leaders to potential volunteers and advocates. It’s win-win, it’s authentic, it’s truthful education about local food, from the people who live it every day. And everybody loves to talk about great food.”

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