Long Beach Water Department Begins Partnership with WaterSmart to Engage Community in Water Usage Information

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Friday, the Long Beach Water Department announces a pilot partnership with WaterSmart Software, a customer engagement platform for water utilities. Long Beach joins more than 50 municipalities around the country by adopting WaterSmart’s customer engagement solution to boost water use efficiency and deepen relationships with their customers.

“Long Beach prides itself on finding innovative ways to help our customers save water. We found that using new technologies like WaterSmart to engage our customers is critical in meeting water use efficiency goals and reducing operational costs,” said Matthew Lyons, Director of Planning and Conservation for the Long Beach Water Department. “We’re excited to work with WaterSmart to help our residents better understand their water consumption, take action, and save water and money.”

The pilot program involves a randomly selected group of single-family residential customers that receive quarterly water usage reports that highlight rebate programs and recommended actions for saving water and money. Each customer receives a unique report customized to the resident’s household, including a graphical display of their recent water-use history and how their water use compares to other similar households.

“Faced with the huge uncertainties regarding California’s drought and water supplies, improved water efficiency is more important than ever,” said Robin Gilthorpe, CEO of WaterSmart. “WaterSmart has helped utilities throughout California increase customer satisfaction while improving water use efficiency. We look forward to helping Long Beach achieve similarly impressive results.”

About Long Beach Water Department
Long Beach Water is the standard in water conservation and environmental stewardship.

About WaterSmart Software
WaterSmart Software empowers water utility managers with actionable insights from a sea of data to help increase customer satisfaction, reduce unaccounted water loss, and improve operational efficiency. Utilities using WaterSmart’s award-winning cloud-based, analytics and customer engagement platform have demonstrated an increase in customer satisfaction of more than 35%. Come help us change the way the world uses water. For details visit watersmart.com or follow us on Twitter: @GetWaterSmart.


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