US Sumo Open Returns to Long Beach, Saturday May 21

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This US Sumo Open is going to be HUGE (no pun intended). Nearly 60 competitors from all over the world will square off in 150+ matches!

Dozens of past and current national and world champions from USA, Norway, German, Belgium, Poland, Russia, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, and Japan are signed up to compete.

Last year’s heroes are returning. From 2007-2014, Byamba (the 4-time World Sumo Champion) won US Sumo Open gold — for 8 years in a row! However, in 2015, he was upset in both heavyweight and open weight, settling for silver and bronze. Watch for Byamba to return with a vengeance, to claim greatness again.

Egyptian behemoth Ramy Elgazar grabbed the heavyweight gold, with a shocking victory over Byamba. Can he do it again?

The biggest history was made by Roy Sims (USA). Winning open weight gold, he became the first American EVER to get a gold medal in heavyweight or open weight. In 15 years, there were 30 gold medals in those divisions, but ALL went to foreigners, until the 30th attempt, as Roy achieved seemingly impossible success!

The open weight class here showcases real sumo skill, with 150-pounders facing 500-pound opponents. You’ll see that it takes more than size alone to win!

The US Sumo Open will be held for the 3rd year in a row at the Walter Pyramid, a dynamic venue with great views from all angles, and the largest big screen in ALL of college sports, nationwide, so you’ll catch instant replays and sumo videos throughout the tournament!

Bring your appetite, so you can enjoy Japanese cuisine from Shin Sen Gumi.

For additional info visit the USA SUMO website.

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