A LOT: Allowing Residents to Celebrate The Art and Culture of Long Beach

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Beginning on September 7, 2013 and extending weekends through October, Long Beach residents have the opportunity to participate in arts experiences on vacant lots throughout the City. A LOT initiative’s primary goal is to provide an opportunity for residents of Long Beach to enjoy and engage in the arts.

A LOT is a community-wide initiative presented by the Arts Council for Long Beach in collaboration with partners throughout the City of Long Beach, California. A LOT broadens audience and artist engagement, linking arts and culture with local neighborhoods. Through music, dance, theatre and numerous other art forms, A LOT presents free arts experiences on vacant lots in traditionally underserved areas of the city. John Glaza, ACLB Executive Director said, “ Our hope is that Long Beach will become just a bit smaller and more intimate, drawing residents together to celebrate the City’s rich culture.”

Every A LOT event offers a distinctly different arts experience for the community created by a pool of 26 artist and arts organizations. The diversity of A LOT performers spans the spectrum of arts and culture including: Spanish language theatre, an interactive drum circle, medieval music, traditional Cambodian dance performance, a Zombie film festival, art installations and even a Samba dance party! Katina Mitchell, A LOT performer, believes, “All people have creative potential within themselves. When people have the chance to observe others in their creativity, I think they become inspired to join that parade.” Join A LOT and see what it is about for you! Bring a chair, grab your neighbors, and mark your calendars for weekends in September and October.

The A LOT experience in Long Beach will add to the national conversation about creative placemaking. As the City’s arts agency whose mission is to foster creativity and culture, enlivening communities and enabling a thriving economy, the Arts Council is honored to be leading this initiative. Founded in 1976 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization and governed by a local board of directors, the Arts Council believes the vibrant art scene makes Long Beach a premiere destination for residents, businesses, students and visitors.

A LOT was made possible by a grant from the prestigious National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) received by the Arts Council. Long Beach was the only city in Southern California selected to receive an Our Town grant and only one of six to receive the largest grant of $150,000 over two years. As a matching grant, the Arts Council must rely on the generosity of local individuals, businesses, organizations, government and private foundations to raise the additional $150,000 needed to fully implement A LOT.

September 7th brings A LOT to you at Anaheim and Walnut in Long Beach, California from 3pm to 8:30pm. Free parking is available on site as well as ample street parking. Bring your own seating and enjoy local cuisine, community groups, and the arts. More information is available at www.ALOTLongBeach.org.

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