A Return to the Long Beach Home Companion June 5

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The latest in the city’s image and operational overhaul is a new commission. Its mission is to protect and grow the fire department, theater arts and local public access programming in Long Beach. The city believes these three areas deliver great value and opportunity to the residents and businesses in the city yet are often overlooked in the discussions of what makes the city great.

Heading up the commission is former Governor George Deukmejian who is perhaps the city’s most revered resident and a known supporter of fire trucks, theater and local media. Mike DuRee, Chief of the Long Beach Fire Department, is more than qualified to speak on the need for public awareness of fire safety and for more money directed to the LBFD budget. Representing theater arts is Gigi Fusco Meese, a “leading lady” in the Long Beach theater and arts landscape. Art Levine, city opinion maker, power broker, talk show host and media expert will help the committee and the city articulate and publicize its new image.

Asked for comments, the commission had this to say:
DuRee: It’s about freakin’ time.
Fusco Meese: I can’t talk right now, I’m late for rehearsal.
Levine: Check my website for a reaction.
Gov. Deukmejian: If you want to know more, please buy a ticket to the Radio Show.

Are we kidding? Of course we are. We’re looking for a laugh, just like we will at our upcoming event, A Return to the Long Beach Home Companion Radio Show. No subject is off limits but take it all with a grain of salt. Each ticket sold helps support the important work of the Long Beach Playhouse.

A Return to the Long Beach Home Companion takes place on June 5, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the downtown offices of Keesal Young and Logan. The program is delivered in the style of a 1940s radio show. It’s written by Gazette Executive Editor Harry Saltzgaver and performed by the Long Beach Political Players.

This year’s political players are: Gov. George Deukmejian, Evan Anderson Braude, Justin Rudd, Blair Cohn, Randy Gordon, Doris Topsy-Elvord, Gigi Fusco Meese, Gerrie Schipske, Mike DuRee, Laura Doud and Mitchell Nunn. Sound effects “art-fully” delivered by none other than Foley Artist extraordinaire, Art Levine.

Harry’s script is rousing and provocative and the ad libs will come fast and furious. Who knows what can happen! The event is hosted by and takes place at the offices of Keesal, Young and Logan which means outstanding food and drink prepared and served by KYL’s wonderful chef, bartender and wait staff. And then there’s that glorious view over the harbor and city.

For the first time, the Playhouse is seeking sponsorships from the community for its 2013 Radio Show. Both levels of sponsorship – Gold at $1500 and Silver at $1000 – include 10 tickets to the event, preferred seating and listings in all collateral including the event program. The Gold sponsor will be referenced in the radio show script and will be invited to be one of the 2014 Political Players for next year’s event.

All proceeds support the productions and programs of the Long Beach Playhouse including plays of all types, collaborative productions, comedy nights, guest lecturers, regionally recognized youth and adult education programs and the internationally acclaimed New Works Festival.

Tickets are limited; call the Playhouse box office at 562-494-1014 X 1 to purchase yours today.

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