Additional Officers Arrested in Grand Theft Case

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2 more officers arrested in case for stealing weaponsLong Beach Police Department detectives have arrested an officer and a former officer of the department in connection with the August 5, 2010 arrest of former officer Damian Ramos for grand theft of weapons.

Ramos, a five-year employee with the department, handled a found property call at a Long Beach business.  The business turned over numerous weapons to Ramos; however, the department discovered that not all of the weapons had been placed into evidence.  Detectives following up on this confiscation of weapons determined that the number turned in by the business did not correspond with the number placed into evidence by Ramos.  Upon learning this, an immediate and exhaustive investigation was launched by the department.  Significant resources were devoted to this case to determine the whereabouts of the missing firearms.

As the investigation progressed, Ramos became the focus, which led to the service of multiple search warrants and the arrest of Ramos.  Since then, the investigation has been ongoing and additional information was discovered, leading detectives to the arrest of Officer Benjamin De Los Santos and former officer Derrick Dinsmore.

De Los Santos, a 6-year employee, was arrested today in Long Beach.  He was booked for receiving stolen property, conspiracy, grand theft of firearms, embezzlement, and circulation of a false document, and is being held on $20,000 bail.  Dinsmore, a former 4-year employee, was arrested last night in the city of Walnut.  He was booked for receiving stolen property, accessory after the fact, and preparing false documentary evidence, and is being held on $20,000 bail.

At the time of Ramos’ arrest, detectives believed he acted alone. However, during the course of the ongoing investigation, additional evidence was discovered that led detectives to determine that these two additional officers were also involved.  “This is an unfortunate situation, but we are committed to ensuring that every investigation of misconduct involving any of our employees is thorough and complete,” Chief Jim McDonnell stated.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office Justice Integrity Division will be presented with this case and will handle the prosecution. De Los Santos has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the criminal investigation. Dinsmore was dismissed from employment on September 27, 2010 after his involvement in this investigation was discovered.


One Response to “Additional Officers Arrested in Grand Theft Case”
  1. Laura says:

    Derrick Dinsmore is a sweet and honest young man. I believe that that will come out in trial.