Spelling Is All The Buzz; Get Set For The National Adult Spelling Bee

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Adults and older teens are sought for the 6th-annual NATIONAL ADULT SPELLING BEE that will take place on Sun., April 17, 2 p.m. in the sanctuary of Bay Shore Church, 5100 E. The Toledo, Long Beach, Calif., 90803.  The Bee is expected to last two hours.  As of April 1, spellers are registered from AL, GA, AZ and CA.

The Bee is sponsored by Justin Rudd and his nonprofit 501c3 Community Action Team (CAT).  This contest is designed to help adults and students in high school and college improve their spelling, increase their vocabulary, and develop correct English usage.

Spellers can obtain entry forms at www.AdultSpellingBee.com.  The entry fee is $30 advance or $40 on the weekend of the event.  The winner will receive $1,000: $500 to keep, and his/her favorite nonprofit organization, school, or church will receive an additional check for $500.

ADULTS ARE ELIMINATED from the competition after misspelling one word. The rules are fashioned after the National Spelling Bee — a contest for students up to and including grade eight which is held annually in D.C.  Complete rules at www.AdultSpellingBee.com.

Last year, there were 33 contestants from across the country that competed in the two-hour Bee. Spellers traveled from as far as Alabama and Washington.  Anne Wright of Long Beach, Calif., took home the $1,000 prize at the end of the 15th round, and she donated half of that to Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Center at Long Beach Memorial Hospital. She correctly spelled degauss and glengarry, defeating the 2nd place speller, Janice Davis of Garden Grove, Calif., when she misspelled mulligatawny. Third place went to Kinga Toth of Los Angeles after she missed schefflera.

A few misspelled words from one of the previous Bees:

Rudd and CAT also host the annual $1,000 National Elementary School Spelling Bee.

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