Advanced Wellness Center Launches TRANSFORMATIONS 360 in LB; 90% Discount Today Only

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Advanced Wellness Center Long Beach

Advanced Wellness Center in Long Beach is teaming up with national diabetes prevention and wellness company TRANSFORMATIONS to help introduce TRANSFORMATIONS 360 a program designed to address the pre-diabetes and obesity challenges facing Americans today.

With one out of four Americans being diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, it is essential to find a program that not only addresses the root cause of this epidemic, but also in the process empowers people on how to make changes to their dietary and lifestyle habits to be in control of their key wellness markers, especially their blood sugar. TRANSFORMATIONS 360 does just that.

“We are excited to play an important role in bringing an affordable value to the Long Beach community that will educate, energize and empower individuals to never become diabetic, while living a healthy lifestyle”, said Mark deDubovay, President of Advanced Wellness Center.

TRANSFORMATIONS 360 ( also pinpoints the root cause of symptoms by determining whether it is a nutritional deficiency, chronic condition or due to unhealthy food habits or excessive body fat and weight. Once the root cause is addressed and corrected, the net result allows people to wean off their lifestyle induced medication. TRANSFORMATIONS 360 is administered and supervised by a specially trained healthcare practitioner to ensure universal success. In the process, the patient’s personal and unique WICO™ Wellness Score is established by evaluating 15 key health makers.

In a 10-week clinical study, the average patient on TRANSFORMATIONS 360 lost 27.3lbs and 18.65 inches while their key health markers of fasting blood sugar, and triglycerides dropped 41 points and 40% respectively, according to the C.E.O of TRANSFORMATIONS, Inc. Al Pirnia.

“I know people want to lose weight, about $60 billion is spent on weight loss, yet 92% of people regain the weight,” Pirnia said. “TRANSFORMATIONS 360 is a lifestyle change and that’s why people are able to maintain their success over time”. Furthermore, it’s not only about losing weight, but keeping people disease free, especially preventing diabetes with people who are pre-diabetic.”

For a limited time, TRANSFORMATIONS, Inc. and Advanced Wellness Center in Long Beach will be offering a 90% discount on consultation and testing services that will establish a patient’s personal WICO™ Wellness Score through Amazon and Living Social. At a $500 value, the $50 cost will not only establish a person’s wellness status, but how to pinpoint the root cause of their symptoms and ways to control unhealthy blood sugar so as to never let it become a diabetic condition as weight loss is maintained. Click here for the discount.

Advanced Wellness Center provides natural solutions for all healthcare needs. The healthcare professionals at the Advanced Wellness Center have optimal health as their goal and will work with each patient as a team to achieve it. They all share a commitment to combine their diverse knowledge and different natural resource available, to determine the root causes undermining health. They have been working with TRANSFORMATIONS for over 10 years, utilizing some of their programs for their patients. For information, visit their website at

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