Alamitos Bay Beaches Reopened Saturday Following Acceptable Water Quality Test Results

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The City of Long Beach reopened beaches in the Alamitos Bay at 9:00am Saturday morning. City officials have been conducting daily water quality tests inside the Bay following last week’s sewage spill from a private sewer system. As the week progressed, tests showed decreasing amounts of bacteria in the Alamitos Bay, and officials on Saturday morning confirmed acceptable water quality results.

“Given that the past two days have produced water quality findings within the State’s recreational water quality standards, the City of Long Beach is re-opening Mother’s Beach and the other locations inside the Alamitos Bay that were previously affected by last week’s spill,” says Dr. Mitchell Kushner.

Standards require two consecutive samples to be within state standards for bacterial levels. Sample results for Thursday and Friday were both within state standards, with the beach opening after receiving confirmation of those test results on Saturday morning.

Long Beach is evaluating appropriate enforcement measures against the private property owner responsible for the spill. The City’s Health Department conducts recreational water quality testing year round. Further information please visit or call 562.570.4199.

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