All Long Beach Libraries Now Offering Wi-Fi

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Libraries Expanding Wi-Fi

As of this month, all Long Beach libraries are offering free Wi-Fi to its patrons as requested by the City Council. Previously, Wi-Fi was available only at the Main, Dana, Harte, Mark Twain and North libraries.

“Our Library system is getting greater Internet capacity, at a fraction of the current cost, while expanding Wi-Fi access for the public,” Mayor Bob Foster said. “This technology improvement will benefit library patrons, staff and the City’s pocketbook as well.”

The technology upgrades enable library users to use their own devices to access online library resources, search the Internet, connect with family and friends via social media, access government news and resources and download e-books, audiobooks and music. The only requirement to access this wealth of information is a Long Beach Public Library card.

The expanded Wi-Fi service with more bandwidth is part of a network upgrade at the Main Library and all the neighborhood libraries.

Recent City Council actions have enabled staff to expand Wi-Fi and increase Internet capacity at all libraries. In the fall of 2011, the City Council authorized one-time Uplands Oil Funds to provide free Wi-Fi at all public libraries. Subsequently, the City Council authorized an agreement with Time Warner Cable (TWC) to provide high-speed data communications services for the Long Beach Public Library (LBPL).

The enhanced network and savings is made possible through a federal program commonly known as “E-Rate.” Under the direction of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the program provides discounts to assist schools and libraries in the United States obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet access.


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