Ambassador of Active Living Kerri Zane Invites Fellow LBC residents to join Long Beach’s rolling revolution

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kerri-zane Long Beach’s rolling revolution

Kerri Zane

Looking for ways to beat the heat this summer and enjoy low cost fun for a healthy family outing? Fit life expert Kerri Zane invites fellow residents to join Long Beach’s rolling revolution and tour the impressive changes the city has in play towards the goal of becoming “the most bicycle friendly city in America.”

Lifestyle Television executive and Fit Life expert Zane was so impressed with her hometown’s progressive Bike Long Beach program she decided to create a visual virtual tour to invite everyone to see what the buzz is all about! Long Beach was ranked #23 in Bicycle Magazine’s top 100 Bike Friendly City’s for 2010. Our bike program has been profiled in The Los Angeles Times and featured on both LA and

View her short intro to “Welcome to Bike Long Beach” :

Follow Zane as she tours our city’s charming neighborhoods and hears from key players as they illustrate how Long Beach has created the political will to make safe bicycling a top priority for its citizens and visitors. The video features Mayor Bob Foster, Long Beach Bike Ambassador Olympic Cyclist Tony Cruz, the city’s nationally recognized Mobility Coordinator Charlie Gandy and more in an inspiring story of urban/suburban renewal.

With first lady Michelle Obama calling the country to action on childhood obesity, Utah now the only state with an obesity rate of under 20%, and last month’s report in The Archives of Internal Medicine on the long term weight loss benefits for women of cycling and brisk walking, Zane is calling residents and visitors to get out of their cars and enjoy instead a summer of fit fun through bicycling.

Did you know that a majority of car trips are under two miles? That’s a very short trip on a bike. Long Beach’s own Mayor Bob Foster has already lost over ten pounds by riding his bike to work a few times a week. Zane notes that, “Spending time outdoors on a bike is breezy, beautiful and fun. It’s like burning calories without effort.” She goes on to share that a 150-lb women can kill an average of 140 calories for a moderate 20-minute ride (i.e. that quick trip to the store). If you kick it up a notch and try an intense bike ride your calorie burn increases to 190 for a 20-minute ride. To really get your body going the best kind of bike workout is an interval ride that combines five-minute moderate riding followed by intense three-minute sprints for a total of 20 minutes.

Fun Long Beach Bicycling Facts
Did you know Long Beach is home to the first Sharrows in Southern California? The famous green stripe in the beautiful coast hugging Belmont Shore neighborhood of Long Beach teaches motorists and cyclists to safely share the road. Did you know Long Beach is the home of Bikestation, the first organization placing a series of bike transit centers throughout the country? Did you know Long Beach is home to Jones Bicycles – one of the only 100 year old bike shops in the country? Did you know we have more than 60 miles of Class I bike paths (off road, separated) that offer a safe way to enjoy cycling for the whole family?

About Kerri Zane
Certified personal trainer and Emmy award winning Lifestyle Television producer Kerri Zane is passionate about the power of fitness to improve our lives. A member of the “Generation Jones” section of the “Baby Boomers,” Zane is stepping in front of the camera as the perfect Ambassador of Active Living to inspire women 45+ to take charge of their health, wellness and happiness – as well as that of their families – through better understanding of the importance of fitness.

Zane has produced programming for NBC, CBS, WE: Women’s Entertainment, VH1, MTV and more. Find out more about Kerri’s passion for fit living on the Kerri Zane website.

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