Amy Bodek appointed Director of Development Services

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amy bodek long beachOn Friday , City Manager Patrick West announced the appointment of Amy Bodek as Director of Development Services. Bodek’s new position will be effective the first week of September.

The Department of Development Services oversees the physical development and revitalization of the city through the planning process, the enforcement of building and environmental codes and through the Redevelopment Agency.

“She is without a doubt the most-qualified person to lead this very important department, and her abilities, experience and dedication will help ensure that the City of Long Beach continues to maintain its vitality and unique appeal,” West said.

Ms. Bodek is currently Acting Executive Director of the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency and Manager of the Redevelopment Bureau. She was hired in 1992 as a Management Assistant, and has held the following positions: Administrative Analyst; Development Project Manager; Redevelopment Project Officer; Real Estate Officer; and Manager of the Project Development Bureau.

“I am honored to be appointed Director of Development Services, just as I am passionate about the City of Long Beach,” Ms. Bodek said. “I am committed to doing what it takes to help build a dynamic, safe and sustainable city that honors its past, embraces its future and preserves the character of its many unique neighborhoods.”

Bodek holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design from Cornell University, a Master of Urban Planning from New York University, and a certificate in Landscape Architecture from UCLA.

She also holds registration as a certified planner with the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP), and is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects and the Urban Land Institute.


One Response to “Amy Bodek appointed Director of Development Services”
  1. Hmm, is there any chance that that development might include some housing for families struggling to pay rent?
    In the past twenty years Long Beach has accepted federal money to build low income housing and yet little if any has been build. However, there has been plenty built to attract people with “large disposable incomes” to live in Long Beach.
    The planning commission also says that they want to move Long Beach from a city of renters to a city of owners because, and this is a direct quote from what was said at a planning commission meeting “it looks better”.
    Since the vast majority of rents in Long Beach are people who will never be able to afford to buy a house or condo, this does not mean moving current rents into ownership. It means getting rid of us.
    Rental properties do not look bad because the people who live in them do not care. They look bad because so many people live in so little space. Sometimes two or three families share a two-bedroom apartment because it takes 4 to 6 adults working full time to pay the rent.
    People who rent also buy goods, the goods that bring tax revenue to the city. We could buy more goods if half our income did not go to rent.
    The economy does not work from the top down. It works from the bottom up. It does not run on stereos and expensive cars. It runs on diapers and paper towels and dish detergent, the basic needs of life. When the people on the bottom have more money to spend, it benefits everyone up the line.