Anarchy in The Garden to offer free live workshops at Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festival

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anarchy-in-the-garden Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festival June 27Master Gardener Adriana Martinez author of the slightly subversive always entertaining urban gardening blog Anarchy in the Garden launches further into the backyard farming foray with a start up business designed to encourage environmental stewardship and promote healthy lifestyles.

Anarchy in the Garden home edition will offer affordable professionally built custom raised beds and expert home garden consultation to fellow backyard micro urban farmies interested in creating their own home based culinary vegetable plot.

Along with co-sponsoring the uniquely independent Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Festival happening June 27, at Marine Stadium, Anarchy in the Garden will offer free live workshops/Q&A sessions at the Festival between 11am-5pm on topics such as seed starting, composting 101, soil blocking and raised garden bed basics.

Boasting an exquisite and exotic selection of hand sown vegetable seed starts sown directly by Adriana Martinez, Anarchy in the Garden home edition’s comprehensive organic method includes in person one-on-one urban farming tutorials that cover the basics such as soil, organic amendments, water conservation, soil blocking, planting, organic pest control and weeding.

Based on the fundamental belief that organic home urban gardening increases food security and empowers individuals to take back control of their food supply Anarchy in the Garden home edition will help backyard urban farmers to set up organic high yield vegetable gardens for residences and then teach fellow home urban farm enthusiasts how to maintain these edible gardens.

Along with bragging rights to growing the best tomatoes on the block additional benefits to backyard urban gardening include the empowerment of individuals to make a meaningful impact on global environment issues by reducing the negative ecological footprint of the fossil fuel powered transported food supplies from across the country and world.

Help the environment, grow delicious food and save money while creating your own backyard urban farming adventures!

Adriana Martinez is a UCCE certified Master Gardener, Community Garden manager/founder, horticulturist, instructor, published writer, community activist, guerrilla gardener and blogger who’s uniqueness lies in blending tried and true gardening techniques with a punk rock attitude.

For more information on Anarchy in the Garden, contact Adriana Martinez at, call  (562) 716-8575 or visit Anarchy in the Garden website.

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