Andrea Deyling, First American Female Zeppelin Pilot Takes to the Skies

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First American Female Zeppelin Pilot Takes to the Skies

Airship Ventures Pilots Andrea Deyling and Benjamin Travis during Andrea's training. Photo by Chris Polk

U.S. airship industry pioneers Airship Ventures announced today Andrea Deyling joins the company’s passenger airship pilot roster, becoming America’s first female Zeppelin pilot. A licensed LTA pilot, Deyling has been training on the Zeppelin Eureka since November 2011 and officially earned her Zeppelin qualification this month. In climbing into the left seat of the world’s largest passenger airship, Deyling becomes the 22nd pilot qualified to fly the Zeppelin NT, joining a select group of airship aviators whose total number is fewer than the number of astronauts on the planet. There is only one other female pilot in this elite group, Katharine Board, who had previously piloted Eureka and now pilots a Zeppelin NT in Germany.

“More than just the fact that she is someone who’s broken barriers and become a first in her field, Andrea’s an excellent pilot who will be a tremendous asset to our ability to execute special missions and passenger operations,” commented Airship Ventures CEO Brian Hall. “She stands out among her peers as one of the fastest to complete the Zeppelin training and is the first of Eureka’s pilots to complete her training already signed off to provide initial instruction to trainee pilots. We’re thrilled to have her talents round out Airship Ventures’ first-ever all-American pilot roster.”

Deyling brings more than 2,500 hours in airships to her role as pilot at Airship Ventures. Prior to piloting the Zeppelin NT, she flew a variety of blimps and most notably served as Chief Airship Pilot at High Degree Operations. As a blimp pilot, her flight assignments ranged from acting as spokesperson and brand ambassador to piloting a Navy blimp in support of the Coast Guard clean-up following the 2010 Gulf oil spill, diverse experience that will be leveraged by Airship Ventures’ mix of passenger operations, special missions and sponsorship initiatives. The daughter of an Army paratrooper, she was exposed to aviation at a young age. A high school aviation camp turned this interest into a career path and upon graduating from Kent State University’s Aerospace Flight Technology program, the adventure of travel and flying nostalgic aircraft lured Deyling to a career in airships. In addition to her airship experience, Deyling is a fixed wing pilot and flight instructor, as well as an accomplished sailor who has circumnavigated the globe on a square-rigged tall ship.

“A love of traveling and adventure drew me to airships and I have yet to be disappointed in my choice,” said Deyling. “Piloting Eureka is an incredible experience and the next step in this adventure. I’m excited to be taking her to the skies.”

About Airship Ventures, Inc.
Founded in 2007 in California, Airship Ventures, Inc., operates the only commercial passenger airship in the United States, Eureka, the world’s largest passenger airship. The Zeppelin’s spacious cabin comfortably accommodates one pilot, one flight attendant, and 12 passengers, with luxury features including oversized panoramic windows, an onboard restroom with window, and a 180-degree rear observation window and “love seat” that wraps the entire aft of the cabin. Using the inert gas helium for lift, and vectored thrust engines for flight, Zeppelin NTs have been flying with an unparalleled safety record since 1997.

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One Response to “Andrea Deyling, First American Female Zeppelin Pilot Takes to the Skies”
  1. Paul Schmidt says:

    Andrea was the pilot for my 11 hour long trip on the Zeppelin Eureka on May 31, 2012, from Long Beach to Moffett Field, and she did a great job as far as I am concerned. Ben was acting as her co-pilot.