U.S. Paralympian and Long Beach Resident, Angela Madsen, to Row Solo From California to Hawaii

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Long Beach resident Angela Madsen is a paraplegic who rows across oceans, and she is preparing to row a solo ocean rowing boat all the way from California to Hawaii without the assistance of a support boat. This means she will stay on her 20-foot boat the entire time, with only enough provisions onboard to sustain her for the duration of the journey (no one will be there to provide additional food or water).

“I will row as many hours a day as possible and try to not drift too far off course while sleeping,” says Madsen.

If the challenge sounds a bit daunting, remember this: Madsen is an accomplished rower with six Guinness World Records for rowing oceans. She also set a world record in the shot put at the Desert Challenge Games in Mesa, Arizona and competed in the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London winning a Bronze medal in the Women’s Shot Put.

Madsen’s 2013 Solo Trans-Pacific Ocean Row begins June 8 from Santa Cruz, California and is expected to take about 3 months to reach Waikiki, Hawaii — between 80-100 days.

The 2,300-mile journey is a tribute dedicated to Veterans of all services and to Orlando Rogers, a spirited adventurer and friend of Madsen who was tragically killed in a plane crash on May 15, 2011. He was 26 years of age and was a Royal Marine.

“Orlando was very supportive of me and all of my projects and he was very excited about my intentions to do a solo row so as I make my plans I think it would be fitting to make my row a tribute to honor his memory,” says Madsen.

Follow her journey on RowofLife.com and http://www.facebook.com/MilitaryVeteranTributeRow

To make a donation or contribute to her project, visit Row of Life.com and click on Donate (PayPal) or send a check to Row Surf Row Inc., 3350 E. Seventh St. # 231, Long Beach, CA 90804 (please include the words “Para Solo” in memo box of check).

Want to learn more about this amazing local athlete? Listen to the interview with Angela Madsen on Swoop’s World.

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