Another Beautiful Morning in Bixby Knolls

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By Dennis C Smith

It’s 6:30 as we quietly close the front door. We head down our walk, Harrison trotting to the end of his leash looking for Bailey.  Blaire holds tight to the leash and slips her small hand into mine.

We head up the street to turn east on Claiborne, no Bailey.  Ahead we see Domino the Dalmatian turning south on Olive, waves and wags are traded.  Crossing Olive song birds are in the trees that rise into the gray sky.

At Myrtle we leave the sidewalk and walk in the street passing by the overgrown bushes where most of the neighbors suspect the coyotes live.  Reaching California the sky is getting brighter and we see and hear more birds as we talk about whatever subject is on my 4th grader’s mind.

Turning onto Amelia we see Buster headed our way.  More waves and wags.  Further along Amelia, the sun is peaking through the trees shining into our eyes.  Dodging water from lawn sprinklers (It’s Wednesday! You’re not supposed to be watering!), we make our way to Cerritos and head south.

The gardeners in the pickup are waiting for 7:00 so they can start their mowers and blowers.  Here comes the Jogger, “No coyotes this morning!” he shouts.  Blaire and I dodge spider webs glistening in the morning light.

At Tehachapi we stop and enjoy the view of the grand Jacaranda’s reaching over the street.  One of the trees is home to a family of hawks; the other morning one flew in front of us to perch on the streetlight.

Just before Burlinghall, Blaire gives a treat and some pats to Laila, a boxer mix, behind her gate.  When we get to the corner Sophie greets us, plenty of wags and sniffs.  The sun is a bit higher and the morning chill is dissipating.

We pass a home with an American flag flying, perfectly lit by the sun shining through the trees; it looks like anywhere America and it makes me smile.

We wind down Cartegena to California.  Heading north on California we see the two big poodles being walked across the street.  They pull their leashes and bark at Harrison.  We say hello and despite trying to keep the two big dogs from pulling her into the street she gives us great big smile shouting “Good Morning!”

Tipper is sitting at the corner of Tehachapi as always, refusing to move until she sees Harrison move on.  West on Tehachapi, toward home.  One more stop on our way, Blaire goes to the gate and calls for Nicki.  The little Chihuahua comes running to the gate and gets her treat and pats from Blaire.

The first JetBlue of the day roars overhead, I look at my watch, it is 7:02, time to get home and get ready for work and school.  As the sun warms our backs and makes us seem twelve feet tall with our long shadows I grab Blaire’s hand and squeeze; another beautiful Bixby Knolls morning.


One Response to “Another Beautiful Morning in Bixby Knolls”
  1. Denise Paige says:

    Lovely story and it does a good job of describing the early morning feel of the area.