Aquarium Seeks Local Artisans, Aquatic Art for Revamped Gift Shop

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Art submissions for Aquarium gift shopThe Aquarium of the Pacific and the Arts Council for Long Beach are seeking artists from the Long Beach area to submit original artwork for display and sale in the Aquarium’s newly remodeled gift store, Pacific Collections.

Artists will be selected based on the quality of the works. An ocean, aquatic, or conservation theme of work is desirable. All artwork submitted must represent the ocean or the animals living in it.  Works will be considered for the following categories: jewelry, screen prints (8 x 10 mat or frame size or smaller), small paintings (8 x 10 mat or frame size or smaller), small sculptures and ceramics, greeting cards, and details for showcasing in the gift store. 

Nautical ships, boats, and other artificial structures represented will not be accepted. Artwork using real sea shells will not be accepted. Representations of sea shells are acceptable.

The Aquarium will be selling on consignment with the artist receiving 70 percent of the net sales of their work. Artists are responsible for pricing their own work. Artists own their work and the Aquarium will be the caretakers and retailers. If artwork is in consistent demand, the artist may be asked to produce more work. If artwork does not sell for two months, the artist may be asked to pick up their work and remove it from the store.

The deadline for submission is April 1, 2013. Entries must be submitted online at

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