Aquarium of the Pacific to Host Surfrider Foundation’s “Ocean Armor” Art Exhibit

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Aquarium to Host Surfrider’s “Ocean Armor” Art Exhibit

While marine animals have many natural defenses, they are powerless against man-made threats of pollution, habitat destruction, ocean warming, and over-industrialization. The Surfrider Foundation, in conjunction with Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles, worked with artists to create a collection of life-sized sculptures meant to inspire viewers to preserve the ocean and the creatures that call it home. The message of the collection is: They can’t protect themselves.

The collection includes sculptures of a sea otter, bottlenose dolphin, clownfish, and Red-Crowned Crane, each dressed in a suit of armor inspired by different cultures and periods in history.

Contributing artists include production designer Bruce McCloskey, special effects artist, puppeteer, model maker, and production designer Greg Aronowitz, and production designer Paul Rice. McCloskey’s work includes design and lighting for multiple covers of Rolling Stone and Elle magazine, as well as design work for television commercials. Aronowitz has contributed to more than 200 film and television projects, including Minority Report, Saving Private Ryan and CSI: Miami. Rice has worked with designers and directors in New York and Los Angeles while also showing his own work in both U.S. and international art galleries.

The Ocean Armor exhibit will open to the public on September 15 and will remain at the Aquarium of the Pacific until November 15. For more information on the exhibit, visit

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