Ara Maloyan Named New Director of Public Works

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City Manager Patrick H. West announced the appointment of Ara Maloyan as Director of Public Works, effective Monday, January 13. Mr. Maloyan has 30 years of professional experience in the field of Civil Engineering, and currently is the City of Long Beach Acting Director of Public Works/City Engineer.

“Ara Maloyan will bring a depth of experience to this position,” Mr. West said. “He has demonstrated the ability to manage a complex set of responsibilities and provide excellent service to the community in a variety of critical areas, including transportation, infrastructure and sustainability.”

Mr. Maloyan was hired by the city on July 23, 2012 as Deputy Director Public Works/City Engineer, and was appointed Acting Director of Public Works on March 2, 2013. Previously he was City Engineer for the City of Beverly Hills, where he also held a variety of engineering positions for 23 years. Mr. Maloyan earlier worked for five years for the City of Los Angeles Department of Public Works.

Under Mr. Maloyan’s leadership as Acting Director, the Public Works Department has paved 2.9 million square feet of local streets, slurry sealed 4.3 million square feet of local streets, and replaced 13.7 miles of sidewalk. In addition, Public Works has completed 13 additional Major and Secondary Street Projects and begun six additional Major Projects, including the Chittick Field project.

Mr. Maloyan holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil / Structural Engineering from California State University, Los Angeles, and recently earned his Construction Management Certificate from UCLA. He is a Registered Professional Engineer with the State of California and a member of the American Public Works Association, the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Concrete Reinforced Steel Institute.

“I am honored at the opportunity to serve in this position,” Mr. Maloyan said. “I will continue to devote all my professional energy and skill on behalf of the entire Long Beach community.”

The Public Works Department operates, preserves, and enhances the City’s physical infrastructure and transportation systems; provides a variety of community services including the repair, rehabilitation and general upkeep of City streets, trees, sidewalks, and City structures; and also provides emergency support services throughout the City.

Mr. Maloyan is replacing former Director Mike Conway, who now serves as the City’s Business and Property Development Director. Mr. Maloyan is a resident of Long Beach.

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