Art Deco Expert Leads Downtown Walking Tour Aug. 27

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WPA Mural at Third Street and the Promenade

WPA Mural at Third Street and the Promenade in Downtown Long Beach.

Step back in time with Art Deco expert John Thomas (author of Long Beach Art Deco) for a walking tour of Downtown Long Beach and discover the Long Beach of the 1920s and 30s. Wonderful examples of Art Deco and Streamline Modern architecture and design will be showcased on the tour Saturday, August 27, 2011 at 9 am.

Thomas will emphasize significant events in Long Beach history and the Art Deco era, and discuss contributions prominent architects Cecil Schilling, Horace Austin, Nate Piper and Hugh Davies made to Long Beach architecture.

The walking tour highlights will include the Arts Building, Metro Apartment Building, Rowen/Bradley Building, the US Post Office, and a WPA mural. Participants will also be able to view the interior of the Lafayette building, originally built as a hotel in 1929.

The Downtown Walking Tour will begin at the WPA Mural at Third Street and the Promenade and last two and half hours. Tickets — $40 for members or $50 for non-members — are available through PayPal, by mailing a check to the LB Heritage office or calling (562) 493-7019. As an added bonus, ticket prices include a signed, complimentary copy of Long Beach Art Deco, normally a $20 value.

Long Beach Heritage offers regularly scheduled walking tours of the architectural and historic sites of Downtown Long Beach and the East Village Art District.  For more information, visit

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