Art Theatre of Long Beach Presents “Exit Through the Gift Shop”

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exit-through-the-gift-shop art theatreArt Theatre of Long Beach will be opening a new documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” starting June 11th. If you haven’t heard of the film, it is a documentary about the street artist Banksy that has received universal acclaim.

“One of the best, most karmically satisfying comedies of the year” – Boston Globe

“An exhilarating hall-of-mirrors look” – Entertainment Weekly

Filmmaker Thierry Guetta had been casually documenting the underground world of street art for years, but when he encounters Banksy, the famously elusive guerilla outlaw British stencil artist, his project takes a fascinating twist. Unimpressed with Guetta’s footage, Banksy takes over filmmaking duties and Guetta reinvents himself as a street artist named Mr. Brainwash — and, much to Banksy’s surprise, immediately becomes a darling of the Los Angeles art scene.

“Exit Through the Gift Shop” will open on June 11th at 7:00pm. The Art Theatre of Long Beach is located at 2025 E 4th Street, Long Beach, CA 90814.

The cost for the show is  $10.00 for adults, $7.50 for children and seniors.

10% of sales from the showing will benefit the Arts Council for Long Beach’s public art programs.

For additional information on Exit Through the Gift Shop and other events visit the Art Theatre of Long Beach website.

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