Art Unexpected: The Photography of Mick Victor at Coffee Cup Cafe

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photography of mick victor

Art Unexpected opened Sunday, November 21, at the Coffee Cup Café. Photo courtesy of Mick Victor, Early Cow Concept

As an artist working in multiple forms of media, Mick Victor often finds that if one is simply still for a moment and can observe what’s going on around us, there is such a wonderful chaos that occurs.

Within that chaos he finds beauty, drama, whimsy and at times what seems like a single frame of an entire story that’s playing out in front of us. His drive is in finding that frame because ultimately it can define the work he’s trying to capture.

The Art Unexpected Series draws on work from New York, London, Venice, and Los Angeles and focuses on capturing the accidental images that people and time leave behind.  It happens in places where people paint walls and garbage cans and sidewalks. When they leave, someone often paints something else, and someone else again and on and on and on.

The art, Victor feels, is in the collision of everything that remains and in the chaos, seems to become something quite beautiful in itself.

As the Creative Director for I MOBIUS, Mick Victor’s work in new media as well as conventional media formats has provided him with the opportunity to exercise his creative approach in a wide variety of private and commercial projects. His background includes music and theatre schooling in the US and London, and work in advertising and media development in New York, London, and Southern California.

He often begins with what the client or agency wants to achieve, and measuring that against the targeted market he develops work that integrates web, video, film, photography, motion graphics and sound design. Victor’s clients include IBM, LA County Museum of Art, NASDAQ, Paramount Pictures, Sony Corporation, BBDO Worldwide, Fujifilm Corporation, Infiniti Automobiles, Elle, and Warner Brothers Pictures.

Art Unexpected opened Sunday, November 21, at the Coffee Cup Café. The Coffee Cup Café is located at 3734 East 4th Street, Long Beach 90814.

This art show is curated by Michael Stearns. For more information contact or 562.400.0544.

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