Arts Council Issues Call for 2010 Grant Panelists

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arts-council-grants-abstractEach year Arts Council for Long Beach convenes grant review panels — comprised of local artists and arts professionals — to undertake the important task of deciding how to distribute grant funds to Long Beach-based artists, community groups, and arts/cultural organizations.

Arts Council for Long Beach is seeking individual artists, arts educators, arts administrators, historians, active community members, and other arts or cultural professionals to become panelists for this year’s grant cycle. Panelists must commit from 10-20 hours of time to this process (for reading and pre-scoring applications on their own time and attending the full-day panel meeting). Panelists are paid a $60 stipend for their time and expertise, and lunch is provided on the day of the grant panel meeting

Panelist Eligibility

  • Panelists may only serve on one grant panel and cannot serve on a panel for a category in which they are currently applying. 
  • Panelists may not serve on panels for which there may be a conflict interest.  (Contact the Grants Coordinator for more information).
  • Panelists must be residents of southern California. 
  • Panelists are chosen from various artistic and cultural disciplines so that each grant panel is comprised of a diverse cross section of the artistic and cultural community. 

A grant panel is created for each of the five grant categories. The five grant categories for the 2009-10 year are:

  • Professional Artist Fellowship
  • Neighborhood Project Grant
  • Community Project Grant
  • Operating Grant I & II
  • Margaret McKinney Folk & Traditional Arts Fellowship

Approximately two weeks before the panel meeting date, panelists receive copies of completed grant applications and scoring sheets. Panelists “pre-score” applicants based on a set of criteria provided by the Arts Council. Panelists are required to read and pre-score applications on their own time, before the panel meets.

Panelists convene as a group for one day-long session (10:00 to 5:00 pm) where they discuss the applications as a group and view supplemental artistic materials submitted by grant applicants (digital images, recorded music, DVD samples). This year the panel meetings will take place in June.

Panelists prepare a final score for each individual or organizational applicant. And the scores are averaged between allpanelists.

Read more about the Grant Panels on the Arts Council website.

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