Arts Council for Long Beach Accepting Applications for A LOT 2014

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The Arts Council for Long Beach is thrilled to announce that applications for A LOT 2014 are now available on its webpage. This application is for art experiences to take place in vacant lots throughout Long Beach in October 2014. There are two separate applications this year, including a new Curatorial Partner application.

Artist Partner- Join the Arts Council for Long Beach as an Artist Partner for A LOT 2014! The Arts Council for Long Beach seeks qualified performers, artists, artist groups and organizations capable of and committed to creating performance-based artwork that activates vacant lots. We seek qualified community-conscious partners committed to close-to-home collaboration and artistic engagement with local residents.

Curatorial Partner- The Arts Council for Long Beach is proud to announce a new artist opportunity for A LOT 2014: Curatorial Partner. The Arts Council for Long Beach seeks qualified arts organizations to curate a selection of art experiences and performance-based artwork that activates vacant lots. Each applicant may submit one proposal that details the type of event they would produce, how this would serve local audiences, how they would engage local neighborhoods and audiences, and information on the organization’s qualifications for this project. A Curatorial Partner should be prepared to program between 2 and 5 hours of art experiences.

Application materials can be found at

A LOT 2014 will be presented in two distinct locations throughout October 2014. The initiative consists of performance-based artwork designed to activate vacant lots in various Long Beach neighborhoods and engage residents in the arts. The program will offer free performances in dance, music, theatre and spoken word by Long Beach-based artists and organizations in non-traditional venues in neighborhoods that traditionally have been underserved by arts organizations. The project is intended to increase access to the arts and broaden the audience to include both the intentional viewer and the casual passer-by. The goal is to expand who engages in the arts and where they engage.

The Arts Council for Long Beach was established in 1976 by the City of Long Beach to respond to the needs of the growing local arts community and to develop cultural resources. As the city’s arts agency, it functions as a private 501(c)(3) organization. The Arts Council receives annual city support, as well as support from individuals, corporations and foundations. Its purpose is to organize, encourage and enhance the cultural environment in the City of Long Beach. By supporting the artists in the community, together they create cultural opportunities and experiences for the people who live, work and play here. For more information including dates and locations of future board meetings, visit their website at:

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