Assembly committee approves Sen. Oropeza bills on school bus idling, bandit taxis

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school-bus-idling-lawThe Assembly Transportation Committee today approved two consumer-protection measures designed to curb air pollution and illegal taxicab operations, both growing Southland problems.

Authored by Long Beach Sen. Jenny Oropeza, chair of the Senate Majority Caucus, both bills received widespread support from environmental and community groups.

“Children are the most susceptible to the health effects of air pollution because of their immature immune systems and developing organs,” Oropeza said after the committee hearing. “Exposure to toxic air contaminants during infancy or childhood could affect the development of the respiratory, nervous, endocrine and immune systems, and could increase the risk of cancer later in life. One of the bills approved today spares our children from the swill of pollution; the other gives our cities a needed tool to protect consumers from fraudulent taxis.”

Oropeza’s bills approved and sent to the Assembly floor:

SB 124 School Bus Idling
This measure would require bus drivers to turn off their idling engines after arriving within 100 feet of a school and restart the engine no more than 30 seconds before departing. Exemptions are allowed while idling in traffic, to ensure safe operating conditions of the bus or vehicle, operating equipment needed by persons with disabilities and climate control for children.

SB 201 Vehicles: Illegal Taxicabs
Sponsored by the City of Los Angeles, this measure would set a $1,250 penalty for bandit taxicabs operating without city licenses.

The Assembly floor has not yet set a date to review the bills.

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