AudioGirl Ministries; A Bold and Active Voice For The Unborn

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audiogirl-ministries recently spoke with Lori Rae Martin, Creative Director of AudioGirl Ministries, via email. They talked about the inspirations and challenges of running a nonprofit organization in Long Beach.

How long has AudioGirl Ministries been around? Did it start in Long Beach?

AGM started in May of 2009 and started in Long Beach.

Describe AudioGirl Ministries. Tell us a little about your nonprofit, your mission, the people you serve or your goals.

Founded in 2009 by Sylvia Aimerito and Lori Rae Martin, AudioGirl Ministries is a very active Pro Life Ministry. We believe that Adoption is the loving alternative. And that women in need of healing and men of lost fatherhood need our love and support – not vindictive judgment. We believe that lively prayer, peaceful action, constant education, and a joyful love of life, and babies, are the most effective tools to fight abortion – one baby at a time.

How is AudioGirl Ministries different from similar nonprofits?

I suppose we’re a bit different because we come from the fields of entertainment and advertising which has been helpful in getting our message across.

How is AudioGirl Ministries involved with the community?

Currently we are raising money for an ultrasound machine for a Pro Life clinic in Long Beach. Once the women/girls SEE that it’s an actual living baby they are 85% more likely to choose life!

What are some of the biggest successes AudioGirl Ministries has had?

This is the second ultrasound we’ve acquired and given to a clinic. This simple machine is used daily to change hearts and minds and save innocent lives.

What is the most rewarding part of running AudioGirl Ministries?

Saving lives is the biggie! But also providing resources to the women who now deeply regret having had the abortion is rewarding. Showing them a way out of the darkness, and helping to give them hope and the knowledge that they are deeply loved is a wonderful feeling.

What are the challenges you face — as a nonprofit, as an advocacy group, or in your industry?

The obvious challenge is the on-going argument between us and those who are misguided as to when life does begin. We’ve learned that education is key and with lots of prayer, the most important focus of our ministry. You can’t argue logically with conclusive science. And we’ve learned that when the mind is enlightened, the heart follows.

What are the future plans for AudioGirl Ministries?

Our Future plans are to increase membership and acquire more ultrasound machines. A law may be passed in Oklahoma where it will be mandatory that abortion clinics “show” the ultrasound to the women before scheduling an abortion. That will be a wonderful victory that we hope to have in California and will work passionately for.

Do you have any special events or fundraisers you’d like to tell us about?

Absolutely! Currently we’re selling a CD, “The Living Stations of the Cross”, with all proceeds going towards the purchase of an ultrasound machine.

The CD features eighteen gifted actors who give eyewitness accounts of what it was like to be at the Savior’s Passion. They ask the listener: How would you have felt had you been there at Calvary?

In between stations are poignant songs and insightful narration. The CD announcer is the “Radio Hall and Famer” Charlie Tuna who’s on-air at KEARTH 101. The co-narrator is Sylvia Aimerito, another long-time radio personality who’s also on KEARTH doing a weekend shift. By the way, many of your Long Beach readers may recognize her from her DJ days on Rock-N- Rhythm KNAC. She was music director and had a 10-2 show.

Yours truly did all of the KNAC jingles.

The CD is available for purchase at
Please help us save lives…

How can people get involved with AudioGirl Ministries? What do you need — volunteers, donations, etc?

We welcome donations and people who love life and babies! And the level of involvement is very flexible. Primarily Catholic, Team AGM is comprised of people from all walks of life and denominations.

The three qualities all members share: a joyful disposition, a deep faith in Jesus Christ, and a passionate belief in the sanctity of life.

Level One members belong to a team that suits their talents and interests; they attend 2-3 meetings a year.

Level Two members serve on a support team. These prayer warriors help as time permits and serve on the “get the word out” Promotion Team by passing along news about upcoming events via email.

Please email us at: or email me directly at: for more information. Join us in being a “BOLD AND ACTIVE VOICE FOR THE UNBORN.”

What is the most inspiring advice that you received and who did it come from?

The most inspiring advice? That’s an easy one. I had the tremendous personal and professional honor of my life – I sang for Mother Teresa at Long Beach’s Veteran’s Stadium, “America Welcomes Mother Teresa.”

She caressed my forehead and told me: “Keep singing.”

Not one to argue with a saint, I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. The thing is, that advice is for everyone. We all “sing” in one way or another. Some use music, other use words or their hands, etc. I take it to mean, live passionately and use the gifts God has given you help others. Keep singing!

One Last Thing:

Thank you “Everything Long Beach for this opportunity to talk about our “labor of love.” Your openness shows not only beautiful compassion, but, when taking into consideration the sadly, often divisive subject matter, great courage.

Thank you for being a beacon of light and fair mindedness in the often murky, one-sided world of journalism. Bravo!

AudioGirl Ministries Details:


51 Responses to “AudioGirl Ministries; A Bold and Active Voice For The Unborn”
  1. I had Lori and Sylvia featured on my blog site! They are a wonderful, amazingly talented duo who give everything they have every day toward fostering their beliefs in the prolife message and creating beautiful music and voice-overs together. I’m happy to see your feature on them in Everything Long Beach. They are a team who cannot get enough positive press for what they do!

  2. Mary Cascio says:

    Many thanks to Sylvia and Audiogirl Ministries for their great work in support of LIFE. We need more like these gals…

  3. Cecilia Stepaniak says:

    Great website and great organization!

  4. Sr. Val Roxburgh says:

    Lori and Sylvia are on fire for God and share his love and goodness in all aspects of their lives. I highly recommend the Living Stations CD.

  5. Bradie says:

    There is nothing more important than saving the lives of the unborn. Great work ladies. I will keep your ministry in my prayers. God bless you both for speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

  6. Johnny Siyluy says:

    Sylvia and Lori are very passionate about their mission to save the unborn from being killed. They gave a lot of their time and talent to make the Living Station CD, most importantly, they gave themselves to the project. I love the songs on the CD and I love the performance during Good Friday. Sylvia and Lori are angels on a mission.

  7. Bill Pomeroy says:

    I just met Sylvia a couple of months ago at a Voice-over workshop, and I knew right away there was a lot more to her than the professional radio image. She is using her gifts and talents as God guides, and she is honoring her Lord tremendously.

  8. Suzette Shinozawa says:

    AudioGirl Ministries is providing all Christians with the opportunity to express a love for the victims of abortion– the women who face unwanted pregnancies, the women who carry the burden of psychological pain from abortion, and the unborn babies. Thank you Sylvia and Lori for taking the time and effort to support the gift of life!

  9. Michael Villani says:

    Lori and Sylvia are two of the most wonderful, sincere and compassionate women I have the pleasure of knowing. Their individual and combined talents are hugh. Thank you for the well put together article. I hope more people get a chance to read it so they will know of the heartfelt, inspirational work Audio Girl Ministries is doing.
    Michael Villani

  10. randa pearson says:

    Energy, creativity, ability to lead, passionate, caring, helpful are just a few descriptive words to use for those heading Audio Girl Ministries. Oh do we need more like these in the media!! May we never lose these two.

  11. Paul Kabat says:

    Thank you to Every Thing Long Beach for featuring these two dedicated Christian women. Their commitment to life comes from deep within their souls. In a time when role models are not only scarce but even difficult to define as society turns from it’s Christian foundation Lori and Slyvia are outstanding examples of how one can combine Chritianity, work, social responsibility and civic duty to be great citizens, successes in their fields and wonderful friends.

  12. Ana Grinta says:

    I support and congratulate AudioGirl Ministries for their work in support of unborn babies.

  13. Alan Davis says:

    Thanks to Everything Long Beach for putting the spot light on these two wonderful women and the great cause they are fighting for.

  14. Sue Selman says:

    Impressive work being done by these dedicated women. Great article to showcase it.

  15. Penny Bond says:

    What a blessing Sylvia and Lori are. I jhave known Sylvia for years and she has the biggest heart. God Bless Audio Girls and their mission. Thank you Everything Long Beach, for helping with this mission.

  16. Kirsten says:

    Your work and dedication to women and their unborn children is inspiring. Thank you for putting compassion into action.

  17. Maureen says:

    Lori and Sylvia are two of the hardest working women I know.I am so blessed to have them for my friends.they are doing great work!!!

  18. Julie Nagode says:

    I purchased the CD, “The Living Stations of the Cross” and was truly moved by the story line and music. The CD, took the stations which I grew up with in Catholic school as a child, and gave the story a whole new meaning. Truly inspirational!!

    We need more people like Lori and Sylvia to work with our youth and promote adoption. There are so many truly beautiful couples (right here in the US) that would love to open their hearts, homes and lives to A CHILD who’s life was saved by an ultrasound machine!! Keep up the awesome work!!

  19. Brad Germeroth says:

    Congratulations to Sylvia and Lori for their wonderful ministry, and to Everything Long Beach for sharing this story with their readers. I especially like the comment Ms. Armarito made in the article showing her compassion towards women who have had an abortion. I say to you all…”Keep Up The Good Work!”

  20. Jan says:

    Deeply moving CD; wonderful music, what more could I say? Sylvia and Lori are wonderful.

  21. Joan says:

    Sylvia and Lori are working for their Lord and Savior by saving God’s masterpieces. Thank you for this wonderful article about them and their great work as they move forward to save as many babies as they can. With their great effort and all of our prayers one of these days abortion will be a thing of the past.

  22. Alan says:

    Sylvia and Lori are wonderful people who are passionate, sincere and professional about everything they do. It’s good to see them get some well deserved attention with this article. Kudos!

  23. Anne says:

    Thanks for a great article about AudioGirl Productions! It’s clear that they not only want to save the lives of babies, but offer support and Christ-like compassion for the mothers and fathers too.

    The Living Stations CD is a beautiful way to make The Passion come alive and remind us of God’s love for us.

  24. Linda says:

    Wonderful CD, wonderful article.

  25. R David says:

    Awesome work you guys are doing w/eternal ramifications! What an example and inspiration!!

    Psalm 115:15

  26. Virginia says:

    Sylvia & Lori are wonderful and are so dedicated to this worthwhile cause. The CD is great, too!

  27. Cecelia F says:

    Life is precious. Thank you for letting us know about this. It is fantasitic that people who support life are in the news and are showing concrete and loving alternatives and support.

  28. Beth says:

    Great article!

  29. Marion says:

    It is such a challenge of many facets to be involved in this ministry. Bravo for your fortitude,wisdom and counsel (you both must have been well-gifted at your Confirmation) it is being very well put into action.

    I own the CD and it is very prayerful, and so professionally done – everyone should own a copy.

  30. Sr. Kathleen says:

    Wonderful, Sylvia and Lori! Great work in the Vinyard and thanks to Everything Long Beach for the feature article.

  31. Scott Cupp says:

    Lori and Sylvia are awesome awesome individuals…Their ministry is very very genuine and sincere and their Love for Jesus and people is true and wholesome…
    If you haven’t purchased the CD “Living Stations of the Cross” I urge you to do so..
    There are so many organizations out their that proclaim to make a difference… But Audio Girl Ministries back up what they say with positive and definite action…

    In a lost and dying world, Sylvia and Lori shine like a beacon…spreading the word of God…and not ashamed to do so.
    They are truly passionate of their ministry and their love for people and these wonderful unborn babies is truly TRULY genuine and undying…

    AGM has truly made a difference in the lives of all…
    And Don and Andrew, may the Lord bless you…

    Scott Lee Cupp

  32. Ron Lamb says:

    The “Living Stations” CD by Audio Girl Ministries is a very compassionale musical accomplishment. It is obvious that the CD was put together with much passion, hard work, dedication, and caring. So many people complain about the way the world is today and so few try to improve it. Both Lori and Slyvia are trying to improve it through AGM–not an easy task!
    The founding of Audio Girl Ministries has set them on a journey of compassion and caring for all unborn children and their mothers. Both Lori and Sylvia have the abiltity to handle the adventures and challenges that lie ahead for AGM. May God shine a light on their path…………….

  33. Paula Bogenrief says:

    Thank you Lori and Sylvia for your wonderful ministry. And thank you Everything Long Beach for getting the word out. We need to get more ultrasound machines for them so that more precious lives can be saved.

  34. Dennis Knill says:

    Couple of gals doing God’s work. We should all be so devoted to serving God instead of serving ourselves. Saving lives.

  35. Frank says:

    GREAT article. Great work!

    BTW ladies. I KNOW those two pathetic guys with NO LIFE: Andrew & Don. They harass a lot of people because they are sad pathetic LOSERS. They sent me a bunch of crap when I had an ad on Craig’s List.

    Keep on keeping on!!!

  36. Joanne says:

    Hey — Don & Andrew! They did the same thing to me! Frank is right about them—they are psychos with no life at all.

    LOVE the CD AGM!!!

  37. says:

    Those hostile comments from Andrew Vasaquez and Don Fresco are familiar. They’re adolescents who surf the web just to cause trouble–I ran into a few when I was trying to sell our boat on Craig’s List. There are some people who are just mean and look for trouble- and obvious have an incredibly boring life.

    You guys rock!!!
    And good, INTELLIGENT people always win!

  38. Lilah Smith says:

    You guys are doing God’s work. Way to go.

    And tonight I’m saying a BIG prayer for those knuckleheads Andy & Don.
    It’s so sad when people are mean for no reason at all.
    The bottom line: there are people of strength and dignity trying to make a difference and help others. And then there are really low-rent guys like you two.

    Because there’s Karma little boys…. THERE IS KARMA…. You’ll most likely have to look up the definition. What goes around comes around. And NOTHING GOOD will happen in your lives until you understand Karma.
    I sure wouldn’t want to be you when I meet my Maker.

  39. Michael Fracchiolla says:

    Thank you Lori & Sylvia. I pray for you and please know that your work lifts me. Because we understand, that here on earth, Gods work must truely become our own. Always… M

  40. Dear Lori and Sylvia. You are the two most amazing women I have ever met. I thank God for the vision that he has put in your hearts and for a job well done. I know that you are not doing this to gain attention or fame, but from the heart. That’s where it all starts.

    I feel blessed to be considered one of your friends and I pray that God will continue to bless you in this ministry. Lori you have the most angelic voice I have heard and your CD has been such a blessing and inspiration to me.

    Keep doing what God has put in your hearts to do. We should all be working along side of you so that more lives can be saved,

  41. Christine Pohlen says:

    I could not have been more honored to be a musical part of the “Living Stations” during Holy Week and work with so many talented musicians. Lori and Sylvia are amazing and passionate lovers of life. May their great work continue for the pro-life cause. Can’t wait to work with you again. God bless you.

  42. Lori and Sylvia are amazing women doing the work of many. Keep up the good work that you do. Those of us in healthcare, specifically Women’s Health, know how important it is that you are able to continue working for the unborn. God Bless You.

  43. Judy Willis says:

    These ladies are COOL! They are strong, vibrant, beautiful and honest. They are leaders, fighters and winners. They are great and they are gifts. I’ve known them for 30 years and they are filled with integrity. What a great story. Thanks Everything Long Beach!

  44. Ben Wilson says:

    Lori and Sylvia are super talented and have such amazingly giving hearts. A rare find in this day and age. They are the best! Go AudioGirls!

  45. Irene Bialecki says:

    I am truly blessed to know and have Lori and Sylvia in my life as well as being a team member of AGM. They are both very energetic, talented and lovers of life.

    Lori and Sylvia put their hearts and souls into everything they do as they did in the making of The Living Stations of the Cross CD – truly a labor of love (as well as all those that were involved in the making of this CD). This CD is well worth listening to every day for spiritual inspiration, for a moving and uplifting experience, as well for the outstanding music. “Lori, you’ll always be my favorite singer.”

    We need to be a bold and active voice for the unborn. I invite you to attend the Respect Life Mass at St. Cornelius Church (Wardlow and Bellflower Blvd.) the first Sunday of each month at 5:00 p.m. See and hear what it’s all about.

    Thank you Everything Long Beach for their story.

  46. Sister Marcela Machicote, SND says:

    Way to go, girls!
    You have an amazing talent and generosity.
    You are an inspiration for all of us.
    Thank YOU!

  47. Josephine Poitevin says:

    I had a wonderful time with Slyvia and her St Cornelius troup performing “The Living Stations of the Cross”. I saw it last year with my little boy and we both got so much out of it. I asked to be part of it in 2010, and they accepted! Very relaxed atmosphere, lots of encouragement to go with your feelings while on stage. I am looking forward to next year, it won”t come soon enough!
    Missing everyone,

  48. Vicki Swords says:

    Thank you for your ongoing dedication and passion to save the unborn. May God Bless and prosper and establish the work:)

  49. Mary Sahagun says:

    Life is precious! Great article and what a wonderful job you both are doing.
    God Bless you both!

  50. Orthoman says:

    In the wake of global strife and heartache, is it not good that there are people like Sylvia and Lori as well as all their fellows who , seek to inspire a solid hope in peoples hearts , that they do indeed have one, and to place there,the sacred proculation that life is a gift of God and is extremly precious.I am very pleased this article was ran and I pray it keeps on being ran.Folks out there have to see that people do care and are willing to risk doing and saying that wich is right. Let us all help ministries like this as we can, lets keep the hope alive!!!

  51. Jack Gonsalves says:

    I’ve known Lori and Sylvia for years. They are sincere and devout Catholic Christians with big hearts. The interview/article is very well done and shows the deep compassion they have for the unborn as well as for their mothers. I am very proud of them and so happy to see their ministry growing!!!