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A self-described Foodie, Chandra can’t wait to sink her teeth into Long Beach Restaurants. She is a native Southern Californian who loves and lives in Long Beach. Chandra has traveled the world tasting, serving and learning about fine food and wine. You can also find her writing on her blog www.DailyMischief.com and by following her on Twitter @ChandraClewley
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Nick’s On 2nd: Great Drinks, Great Food, Great Service


Belmont Shore’s 2nd Street is always the best place for a casual stroll or a little exercise when you need to break up your day. For months, I had walked up and down the street, window shopping, eating and discovering. I have eaten at Nick’s in the past, both in Laguna and San Clemente.


Beachwood Brewing BBQ: Wild Game And Tater Tots Never Tasted So Good


When you are in the mood for barbeque, there are certainly enough places to pick in the Long Beach area! As a matter of fact, it seems like they might be the most popular type of restaurant that graces our town! So what then, should set one barbecue restaurant apart from any other?


Viento Y Agua: Drink Candy and Eye Candy


When you drive by Termino and 4th, it can sometimes all be a blur as you head toward the corridor, or away from it, but there is a reason to slow down in this area. First of all, there are quite a few cute businesses in this intersection including Kava Yoga and Scratch Baked Goods, a new bakery I am dying to try…but when you are hungry or need a pick me up, you will need to visit Viento y Agua Coffeehouse.


Panini’s: Signal Hill for Sandwiches


Panini’s is a pretty straightforward name for this Signal Hill sandwich shop.  Located on Redondo Ave in the heart of Signal Hill, and close to PCH, there is great parking but it is somewhat surprising that this restaurant is here, in this industrial part of the city.


Asha: A New Moroccan finds Downtown Long Beach


There is a new Mediterranean in town, Asha,  and this time it’s in the Downtown Area!  Long Beach loves Mediterranean food in a way that is difficult to find in most LA cities. There is a vast array of these restaurants to pick from, and it is always fun when one comes to the area.


Kids-Eat-Free Every Night in Long Beach!!


Photo by Adam Brown It started out as kind of a joke, a group of mom’s wondering if their kids could eat for free, every night of the week, in Long Beach and the surrounding areas. And it became a mission really…a small one, but a mission nonetheless, to find the restaurants in our area that have the option of a kids-eat-free night!


The Deli News: Perfect Pizza for a Penny Pincher


How many of us hit Trader Joe’s once or twice a week to stock up? I am willing to bet, quite a few. Usually, it is right after work, and you are exhausted, and probably don’t feel like cooking. Well, I am here to tell you, there is an answer to your prayers.


El Pollo Imperial: High Altitude on Atlantic


If you are anything like me, you are a sucker for anything south of the border, food wise.  I am pretty obsessed with finding the best Latin food that Long Beach has to offer, and it had been awhile since I had Peruvian for dinner.


Sophy’s: Casual Cambodian on PCH


I had heard through the grapevine that I had to try Sophy’s on PCH when I had a chance. That chance came one night when we were in the mood for something a little different. We had heard it was both Thai and Cambodian food, and were excited to try it out.


Kashiwa: The New Place for Sushi in Signal Hill


Signal Hill isn’t always the best place to grab some food, so when you find yourself there, sometimes it can be a bit confounding to figure out what you want to eat. With a smart phone, you can sometimes rely on Yelp to lead you in the right direction, and that is what I did last week after a much needed Costco trip.

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