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Michael Bauch’s, “Riding Bikes with the Dutch” Headlines May 9th at Long Beach Bicycle Film Festival


Every weekday at my son’s daycare in Los Altos, Michael Bauch, or his wife Rachel, happily arrive with their helmeted three-year-old son on the back of their bike and I (So. Cal. Girl that I am) always wonder: “Don’t they own a car?”  The more I saw their smiling faces on those bikes, the more my thoughts turned toward the simplicity and convenience included in those pedals.


Pilates Joe: A friendly, affordable fitness studio


Although it’s taken nearly a century to become mainstream, Pilates is now here to stay. Pilates — with its focus on the body’s core and its practice of slow and smooth strengthening, breathing, stretching and concentrating — began in the mid-1920’s with a man named Joe Pilates.


Sweet Embellishments Dessert Bar: Treats that need no reason to celebrate


If you think this logo looks tasty, wait until you try the cupcakes. Okay, so who wants to visit another cupcake shop? Well, Sweet Embellishments Dessert Bar is definitely not just another cupcake shop! It offers a great deal more.


Dana Leigh Photography puts the focus on families, children and pets


Let’s see: On the lawn in your backyard; At the beach by the surf; In a studio, in front of a backdrop… Where do you want your family to be photographed? Where will your engagement pictures be taken? Who can get your baby to giggle?


Long Beach Artist: Tom Vadakan


by Tom Vadakan Tom Vadakan is a freelance artist located in the Los Altos area of Long Beach, California. His independent work has been shown in galleries around the world, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Barcelona.

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