About: Heather Crow Nelson

Heather Crow Nelson is a mom & wife currently living in Lakewood. She is the General Manager for a Long Beach e-commerce store, Marilyn's Fashions. In addition, she is the charity crafter/owner of Brianne's Basics, founder of Happy HeARTists, and published author. Heather's first article was published at the tender age of 12, and since then she has been published both locally and nationally.
Twitter: @ Website: http://www.heathernelson.info

Articles Written by Heather Crow Nelson:


Why Do You Volunteer?


Charity: generous actions or donations to aid the poor, ill, or helpless Desire: a strong feeling of wishing for something to happen I recently published my charity memoir as a way to answer those who repeatedly asked me “Why do you volunteer?”.


Autism in Long Beach: Fun For Everyone, In A Bully Free Zone


The sounds of laughter, music, and skateboards striking the pavement filled the air at the Bully Free Zone 2 Picnic on June 3, held at Houghton Park in Long Beach. Coordinated by Jane Tipton of Autism in Long Beach, this event was a welcome relief for many parents, especially those raising an autistic child.

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