‘Back From the Dead’ Roller Derby Returns to The Dome

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The Long Beach Derby Gals will debut its flagship roller derby teams – the Cyclone Racers and Breakwater Bombshells – at 7 pm on March 22, in front of an anticipated crowd of almost 2,000 people.

Appropriately-themed ‘Back From the Dead,’ the two teams will skate head-to-head, body-slam to body….well, you get the point, these gals like to hit. Albeit not at a zombie-like pace that one would associate with coming back from the dead. Instead, derby aficionados can expect the same unparalleled athleticism and skill that Long Beach has become revered for – all set on the familiar stage of the Queen Mary Dome, located at 1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach, Calif., 90802.

The Long Beach Derby Gals is also proud to be partnering with the Pike Restaurant and Bar (which is sponsoring the Cyclone Racers), and Gallagher’s Pub and Grill (sponsor of the Breakwater Bombshells), kicking off the season with a unique blend of roller derby and two of Long Beach’s trendiest hotspots.

“The Pike is always glad to support girl power,” stated Chris Reece, speaking on behalf of the Pike Restaurant and Bar.

Meanwhile, both teams are practicing and scrimmaging several days a week in the Dome to prepare for the big event. The two teams include several returnees from previous Long Beach bouts, as well as some new recruits who were wooed by the prospect of playing on a flat track, before a large crowd in a venue that includes a bustling urban city and pristine waterfront that’s home to the majestic Queen Mary.

Although it is the first meeting of these two teams the rivalry is already heating up. As team captain for the Cyclone Racers, Dawna “Vice Versa” Bass says, “the cyclone racers have the edge- we have teamwork and the type of determination that creates waves. Our walls will keep the breakwater bombshells wading in the low tide!” To which Michelle“Estro Jen” Steilin who skates for the Breakwater Bombshells chimes in, “I’ve been waiting a long time to DOME-inate again! Whether we win or lose,…. I’m just grateful to be back and with positive new leadership!”

Tickets can be purchased on the Long Beach Derby Gals website: http://longbeachderbygals.com/tickets/. General admission is $16, chair seating is $19, front row seats cost $24, and a Family 4 Pack is $56. For the more adventurous, VIP-types, a $34 ticket garners a pick-up by the infamous Big Red Double Decker (think London) bus, a cocktail, and a seat on that very same bus as it pulls courtside where it will remain for the entire bout, before returning revelers to their starting point.

About Long Beach Roller Derby Gals

As a planned-501c3, the Long Beach Derby Gals will compete both regionally and nationally. The next two bouts are scheduled for Friday, April 12 – Garden of Beaten – and will include Beach Cities Roller Derby vs. our Long Beach Derby Gals travel team, and Friday, May 24 – Mamma Said Knock You Bout.


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