Bai-Plu Thai Cuisine and Aki Sushi: Delicious and Unassuming

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On a busy, unassuming part of 7th street sits a little gem of a restaurant one would hardly notice unless you were told to visit. As a matter of fact, one weekend evening, this is exactly how we ended up at Bai-Plu Thai Cuisine & Aki Sushi Restaurant. Don’t confuse Bai-Plu with Aki’s on Redondo. This is a different restaurant.

The restaurant itself is brightly lit, with lots of tables and a sushi bar on the left. I am still trying to figure out if the sushi is to the left and the Thai food is to the right? Either way, I wouldn’t exactly say the décor is as good as the food is. In any event, I opted for the sushi.

We started with the Jalapeno Bomb which is jalapeno, spicy tuna, and cream cheese on the inside, and outside it is deep fried with masago, sweet sauce and ponzu sauce. It was seriously, so delicious, and the heat of the jalapeno was perfect for the cream cheese and tuna! There are a ton of great rolls here, including the Laker Roll, which is a spicy shrimp, crab and avocado with salmon on top, and what they are best known for.  There is also the Las Vegas, Hot Night and the Nine One One roll which is shrimp tempura and crab inside topped with spicy tuna and a special sauce.  We also ordered a few hand rolls, including salmon skin, and spicy tuna.

Bai-Plu and Aki also serves a nice selection of hot and cold sake, beer and wine!

The service was prompt and pleasant, and there was a fair amount of people that came in, although the sushi bar was pretty empty.  We came in right after a rush and the parking lot had been full when we first arrived.

After checking out their website, I am assuming that the Bellflower Blvd. location of Bai-Plu has been remodeled and looks a lot different than the 7th street location! It was definitely a locals joint and I was really surprised with how great the food was, since I had driven by but never thought to stop in, so many times before! I am looking forward to my next visit, when I try the Thai food including the coconut soup! Yum!

Bai-Plu Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar is located at 1626 E. 7th street. For  more information visit


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