Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay Team Seeking Donations

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Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay donationsThe Long Beach Police Foundation (LBPF) continues the long-established tradition of sponsoring a 30-member team of sworn LBPD personnel, plus LBPD volunteers, to participate in the annual Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay.

The 28th Annual Challenge Race takes place on Saturday and Sunday, April 21/22. This 120-mile relay race spans from Baker, California to Las Vegas, Nevada, involving over 5,000 sworn and military personnel, and over 20,000 volunteers from throughout the U.S. The LBPD team placed second in their category in 2011, up from third place in 2010.

Donations may be made to the LBPF, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. A percentage of the proceeds will also be donated to the Long Beach Police Officers Association Widow and Orphans Fund. Donations over $500 may have their logo or name on the race t-shirts. Larger donations may be eligible to be a co-presenter of the event.

The Long Beach Police Foundation (LBPF) is an independent, community based, non-profit organization that encourages public-private partnerships to support public safety and help build a safer community. To donate or volunteer, visit or call 562.343.5111. Tax ID# 33-0835185

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