Basketball on Parade at St. Anthony High School

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st anthony mascot

Jake Hooper as mascot for the day at St. Anthony High School Basketball on Parade.

Each year St. Anthony High School celebrates the beginning of the basketball season with “B.O.P. Week”, also known as “Basketball On Parade” which has been a school tradition for decades. This year, B.O.P. was hosted the week of January 20-24th and students were encouraged to opt out of wearing their usual school uniform each day and dress to match a designated theme.

From dressing like a favorite teacher and “Styles of the 1980’s”, to sports jerseys and celebrity look-alike day, school spirit was alive and highly visible on campus throughout the week-long celebration which culminates on Friday afternoon with a Spirit Assembly in the Gymnasium. 

The annual Faculty vs. Students Basketball Game on Friday of B.O.P. Week has always been a much-anticipated highlight and this year was no different. The challenge went out to all faculty members and a team was gathered. However, the Student Team triumphed with a final score of Students 20/Faculty 13.

The gym’s rafters shook with the noise generated by the competition, and faculty members are already strategizing for next year. St. Anthony’s mascot, Antonio, was in rare form and the SA Drum Line kept beat going throughout the Spirit Assembly.

Both Boys and Girls Soccer and Basketball Teams hosted home games throughout the week in celebration of Spring Sports and B.O.P. Week. On Friday night, “The Pit” in the St. Anthony Gymnasium was packed with current students and a crowd gathered in the Gym made up of faculty and staff, current families and alumni who came out to show their support of The Saints.

For more information about St. Anthony High School, visit their website: or call Sheila O’Rourke, Alumni & Public Relations Office at (562) 435-4496, Ext. 1229.

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