Eco-Friendly Restaurant Roots Gourmet Hosts Beach Clean-Up

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On May 14, 2011 Roots Gourmet will be conducting a beach clean up for employees, customers and the environmentally concerned alike at Junipero Beach in Long Beach. Volunteers will meet at the Lone Sailor Memorial, on Ocean Blvd., between Orizaba and Redondo Ave. in Bluff Park. The clean-up will be held from 10 to 10:30am. It will begin promptly at 10am, and showing up at 9:45 am to gear up is recommended. Bags and gloves will be provided. Free organic and fair trade coffee and tea will be served. The owners will also provide some beach-friendly tunes. And as a thanks for helping out, all volunteers will receive 10% off of their order at Roots that day as well as rewards that will be passed out during the clean-up.

Since Roots Gourmet is located on the border of Los Angeles and Orange County the goal is to eventually reach out to other beaches in close proximity to the restaurant, such as Seal Beach and Huntington Beach. “Earth Day is every day, and as a business we have a responsibility to our community to contribute to the greater good of our local environment. There are a lot of beach clean ups being organized in the area, which is great, but it still isn’t enough. Really gross stuff piles up on our shores every day and I want to be able to run through the sand without stepping on trash,” says co-owner Dalet Hamby.

With an enormous family and colossal piles of napkins and cups left behind from social gatherings, Hamby’s mother and co-owner of Roots Gourmet, Norma Chavez, views recycling as eminent. She has made all three of her children, including Hamby, recycle since they were old enough to do so. She has grown much of her own food for cooking at home and practices composting. With a deep love and respect for nature, Chavez also requires environmental responsibility at Roots Gourmet.

Hamby and Chavez don’t just view their restaurant as a means to stay connected to their cultural roots. It’s also an opportunity to help patrons and employees re-connect with the roots of Mother Earth. This is accomplished through dedicated eco-friendly practices. Some of the current practices include supporting local, sustainable and organic farming practices whenever possible, offering a 10% discount to customers who ride their bike to Roots Gourmet or bring their own mug, and donating compost to local gardeners.

The restaurant hopes to extend their in-store eco-friendly practices in order to help improve their community. It is hoped that this will be the first of many beach clean-ups to come. And that through encouraging the community to come together camaraderie will be fostered and a sense of shared responsibility will be strengthened.

Future beach clean ups will be posted at the end of every month at For more information on how Roots Gourmet is eco-friendly go to For questions email

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